Why Vote Yes on 2?

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  • Frank Benevenga
  • James McIntyre
  • Bobby Jenkins
    I am a 40 year old white male who has an inoperable brain avm which if it bursts I die. I also suffer from epilepsy and refuse to take the anti seizure meds they prescribe especially since the dr said quOTE “dilantin is poison so we need u to get your dilantin levels checked 4 times a week through bloodwork or u might do irreversible dmage” I don’t want to get stoned I want to prevent seizures so I prevent my a from bleeding and dieing especially since Sanfords hospital and the new emergency clinic on heathrow can’t do anything for me except fly me to Jax or otwon. Which leaves me by myself with no visitors as I start over as a 6 month old China. Heck it took me 7 days last time to my shoes. I voted for it because me and many people deserve it and need it. I’m also doing it the right way. Please for once prove civilians right and that the voting system hereworks by the time I’m allowed to get it I just hope I’m alive since doc and me agree to 2 years without it up to 30 without it. Remember no thc noone is high but no seizures, less body pain, p.s. so.e rehabs use weed therapy and are 35 more successful then .oder jail rehabs.Ldo how do j start petition so I can get it signed online and one one to take one on one . Thank you
  • Karlene Duarte
  • Brenda Astor, RN
  • Isaac Diaz
  • Dennis Miller
    Don’t know who to vote for?? Here is an easy one vote yes on amendment 2 !!! We can fix the drug war and violent crimes will go down. Patients will no longer be outlaws or targets.
  • David Lemke
    sheldon adelson needs to give his big,corrupted nose out of our politics. A casino owner?
    From my perspective that is just a little lower on the “scumbag/weasel” scale than a tobacco CEO or a child molester which puts him on the level of say a walmart CEO. You can be assured that his bottom line is his only concern
  • J. Smith
    Why isn’t there an effort to strike back at Publix? In the 60’s we would gather support by boycotting businesses that refused to see things where we spent our DOLLARS.

  • Janice Poole
    Vote “YES” for medical marijuana in Florida on November 8.
    TALLAHASSEE — Come Nov. 8, Florida could be the 26th state to legalize full-strength medical marijuana for patients with cancer, epilepsy and a host of other conditions.
    Norml of Florida…
  • David Finkelman
  • Jeanne Williams
  • Homer Salisbury

    From the CDC, rate of death involving natural and semi synthetic opioid pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids, other than methadone (e.g., fentanyl) increased 9%, 26%, and 80%, respectively. The sharp increase in deaths involving synthetic opioids, other than methadone, in 2014 coincided with law enforcement reports of increased availability of illicitly manufactured fentanyl, a synthetic opioid; however, illicitly manufactured fentanyl cannot be distinguished from prescription fentanyl in death certificate data. These findings indicate that the opioid overdose epidemic is worsening. There is a need for continued action to prevent opioid abuse, dependence, and death.
    overdose deaths 2013 state of Florida, 2,474. Overdose deaths 2014 State of Florida 2,634 increase of 160 deaths. NOTE: CDC does not show yet OD Deaths for 2015 to present. I am sure the number is increasing.
    CDC new recommendations released 2016 include the statement to Doctors and Pain Management we recommend not to test for delta 9 THC as there is no proof that it causes adverse side effects when used with any prescription drug. “Clinicians should not dismiss patients from care based on a urine drug test result because this could constitute patient abandonment and could have adverse consequences for patient safety, potentially including the patient obtaining opioids from alternative sources and the clinician missing opportunities to facilitate treatment for substance use disorder.”

    Sadly few Doctors or Pain management clinics are following these guidelines. The Doctors I have talked to did not even know about the New recommendations.
    “America has a major problem with prescription pain medications like Vicodin and OxyContin. Overdose deaths from these pharmaceutical opioids have approximately tripled since 1991, and every day 46 people die of such overdoses in the United States. However, in the 13 states that passed laws allowing for the use of medical marijuana between 1999 and 2010, 25 percent fewer people die from opioid overdoses annually. “The difference is quite striking,” said study co-author Colleen Barry, a health policy researcher at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore. The shift showed up quite quickly and become visible the year after medical marijuana was accepted in each state, she told Newsweek.”
    New York Times;2016
    “ U.S. states that have legalized cannabis use for medical purposes have seen a significant decline in the number of prescription drugs issued through the Medicare program, according to a new study by University of Georgia researchers. The study, led by W. David Bradford and published in the journal Health Affairs, examined 87 million prescribed drugs filled by Medicare Part D enrollees from 2010 through 2013. Savings from the lower number of prescriptions were estimated to be $165.2 million in 2013, when 17 states and the District of Columbia had medical marijuana laws implemented. The researchers state that if medicinal marijuana was legal in all 50 states, savings to Medicare would be about $468 million. But they also acknowledge that patients may not benefit from those savings if they pay for medical marijuana out of pocket, noting insurance doesn’t cover it. The study analysis focused on drugs that treat conditions for which medical marijuana could be suggested as an alternative treatment method–such as depression, anxiety, nausea, chronic pain, sleep disorders, glaucoma, spasticity and more. With the exception of glaucoma and spasticity (a muscle control disorder), all other conditions listed correlated with fewer prescriptions in states with legalized medical marijuana. In states where medical marijuana had not been legalized, the same decline was not observed. Overall, glaucoma cases show the least proven benefit from cannabis use, which may correlate with the minimal decline noted in the study. Cannabis use can relieves eye pressure in glaucoma patients by about 25 percent, but the effects only last for about an hour – making the drug not the ideal option for patients. On the opposite side, pain showed the strongest medical evidence recommending marijuana use, according to the researchers, which in turn was the condition that had the greatest effect on prescriptions for painkillers. More than 1,800 fewer daily doses of painkillers were prescribed, on average, per year in states with legal medical marijuana compared to states where it is illegal”.

    Floridians have the opportunity to help stop up to or more than 25% (515+ deaths by 2014 figures) of drug overdose deaths by passing Proposition 2 this November.
    Remember Florida who is funding the NO ON 2 campaign. Drug Company’s,The largest pharmacy in Fl. PUBLIX, Casino Magnate Sheldon Adelson,Tampa developer and former ambassador Mel Sembler
    Along with Politicians taking their money to keep Medical Marijuana Illegal.
  • Odalys
    We must end this opioid and heroin epidemic, caused by big pharma Physicians(pushers) that condemn Mmj while making junkies of their patients with the worse poison, most addicting and sadly most sold and abused Rx.
  • Alexis Landry
    Yes on 2. Marijuana is demonized by culture, it is a plant given to us by Nature . Nature is not our enemy the true evil is man.
  • Michele Levy
    Marijuana has helped with my chronic pain and anxiety yes on 2!
  • Thomas Rohe
    I’m a former professional voiceover talent. My career and social life were taken from me by lingual dystonia. However, I discovered that CBD oil from Colorado allows my muscle spasms, tongue swelling, muscle pain from the shoulders to the top of my head and my speech to almost return to normal. It’s like a miracle without the pharmaceutical side effects. See my before and after videos on my Facebook account. Please vote YES ON 2 in Florida and help those like myself and thousands of others who need it. To vote no is cruel. Don’t be afraid to speak up! Explain to people what it means to be healed from medical marijuana.

    We’re don’t want to get high. We want to get healed.
  • Bev Porter
    Fl economic status can definitely use the medical marijuna tax. I personally have crippling arthritis, nerve damage and glacoma.also very high anxiety. I’d much rather have medical mj than Xanax which I’ve been on for 10 yrs. I don’t want pain killers addiction so I suffer only using aleve. Marijuana takes that pain away for several hours.please vote yes on 2.
  • Kerri McDougald
  • Jeff Williams
  • Jeffrey Altzner
  • Armando Nargi
    Chemical/GMO ‘drugs’ is NOT natural, organic. Pure corporate greed stops natural treatments and cures while the claim to “help people”, more like helping their bottom line only.
  • Greg Hatfield
    Why vote, Why not. You am i to said or deny anyone the use of cannabis. Its a plant and not the chemicals that big Pharma provides. So who am i the say that another human being can or can not use a plant… So vote yes on 2.. Free the weed.
  • Felix Ramos
    Doctors around here believe marijuana causes health problems
    and to shun patients that only do marijuana
    I wonder if thats big pharmacutical telling them to say that
  • Jenny Carver
    Many medical uses means passing this Amemdment 2 would save so many. We wouldn’t hesitate to help someone in need, when in a given situation. Why is this any different? So many things that “Western Medicine” dosen’t have the answer for, has been proven to improve or be cured by MMJ in the states where legalization laws are broader, like Amendment 2 would be for Floridians. Its an issue of basic human rights! YES on Amendment 2!
  • Tess Nazareth
  • Carole Enneking
    Because I thought it would be legal at least 40 years ago. It’s time…….
  • John DeMarte
    Kudos to other writers, all of you are correct!!!
  • John DeMarte
    Having moved here from Connecticut where it is legal sucks. I moved here to help take care of my mom, but suffer PTSD. Indica (vapor) is my medicine, but the doc here put me on Klonopin. No doubt, my weed is better!!! I hope Florida wakes up in November.
  • Carole Enneking
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