We did it!

Nearly 4 years. Two elections. Over 2 million petitions from Florida voters. $8 million of my money. 18,238 donations from 8,287 of supporters
like you. Over $10 million spent against us, fighting compassion.

This is it. WE did it. YOU did it.

Hundreds of thousands of sick and suffering Floridians will now benefit from this law, and soon.

This was never about winning an election, although that's exactly what we did tonight. The election was a means to an end. The end was always, always always delivering compassion to those who could benefit, those desperate for the relief medical marijuana can bring.

Mission accomplished.

I'm a superstitious guy. My pre-election ritual involves taking a long walk on the beach with my wife and spending Election Day and night at home.

Our campaign manager, Ben Pollara, has his election traditions too. He gets Chinese takeout with his wife the night before. Last night he sent me a picture of his fortune cookie. It read:

The will of the people is the best law.

I couldn't agree more.

The People spoke tonight.

For almost four years I've been telling you two things.

One. Compassion is coming.

Two. BELIEVE!!!!!!!

Tonight, I also have two messages for you.

Compassion is HERE!!!!

And, I will always deliver this message:


-John Morgan
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  • Frank Benevenga
    Does anybody know if we could smoke actual marijuana now as of today for people who have a compassionate card?
  • Frank Sagliano
    John , You have spear headed this movement with an undying desire to succeed THANK YOU. We would like to bring something out to Your attention. Please read and consider the benefits of this . Good Afternoon my name is Frank Sagliano , I am presenting our information to Your firm for Your review. I’m sure You will see the merit in it. I can be reached my return email or by phone I am in Brevard County Fl. my number is 321 327 8087 I invite you to call with any questions You might have pertaining to the benefits of our product for Your patients , along with less expense to Your firm thank You Frank Introducing a high purity BIO-VEGANICTM grow system.

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    We designed our BIO-VEGANIC plant foods specifically for high purity.
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  • Cheri Klamm
    Any new info about what the FL legislature/DOH is trying to do now to seemingly curb what Amendment 2 allows?
    This would include passing new laws to arrest for DUID those with just a little bit of cannabis found in their system despite what science and Highway & Traffic Safety have to say about it?
  • Arlon Anderson
    Hello~ I’m a chronic pain patient following failed surgery on both of my feet. This was in 9/08/2006— my doctor told me he was 99% sure that he could help me. I’ve been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and after months of tests and thousands of dollars; I was told that there was nothing they could could to to help me! I’ve spent thousands of dollars and traveled to Houston, San Francisco, University of Nebraska, and Cleveland Clinic Florida and more. I’m not diabetic, tried titrating to the highest limit of Lyrica — failed. Noted neurologist warned me against any surgery, saying it could produce even more severe pain and damage to my feet. My acupuncturist said that my brain does not know that my feet are alive, therefore there is no oxygen or nutrients sent to my feet. My Mother passed on past 95 and my father passed at 102. I have no other serious health problems — except the horrible chronic pain that I suffer with 24/7! I’ve been praying that Cannabis may give me some pain relief in order to live without the burning, stinging, throbbing, stabbing pain! I would appreciate any help I can find whereby I can live a better life without the severe pain. I’m hoping that I can get aid to try the medical marijuana as I have suffered over 10 years, night and day. Even a small bit of pain relief would be my prayers answered.
    A. Anderson
  • Raj Kumar
  • Raj Kumar
  • Raj Kumar
  • Raj Kumar
  • Elsie Eten
    Now when are we going to be able to get a Doctor and get medical marijuana for PAIN here in Central Florida? Thanks
    for any information you can give me. Elsie
  • Joseph Lund
    Thanks John. Really ! Thank You
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