United for Care Refutes No On 2 Ad

(Miami Beach, FL) – Today, the No on 2 campaign put out another misleading attack ad that dishonestly compares Amendment 2’s version of a medical marijuana law to that of the (now-decades old) California law.

In the ad opponents to amendment 2 stated, “only 3% of medical marijuana users had conditions like cancer or aids”, this data is collected from only nine medical marijuana specialty practices during three months in 2006.

  • Not only is this a very small sample size that is a decade old, but the authors themselves state the goal of the study is to provide “some interesting insights into the characteristics.” Furthermore, according to the Florida Legislature’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research, by April 2017 of the potential 440,552 medical marijuana patients, 56.2% will be cancer patients. There were 98,650 people living with AIDS/HIV in the state of Florida in 2012 according to AidsVu. Then, in 2015, Florida reported to have the highest number of new HIV diagnosis in the nation. 

The No on 2 people make a crude comparison of medical marijuana treatment facilities to fast food restaurants and convenient stores.

  • First, they should be making comparisons to family practices, VA offices, walk-in clinics, pharmacies and maybe even veterinarians’ offices. Secondly, they are implying that Mothers like Anneliesa Clark, whose daughter, Christy, suffers from a seizure disorder should have to drive hours to obtain medical marijuana. Scott Calhoun is a 100% military service connected, permanently disabled US ARMY veteran. Scott should not have to drive from Fort Pierce to Miami to obtain medical marijuana for his PTSD.

The third point to scare Florida's voters that No on 2 people make is drug dealers will be running store fronts in Florida like California.

  • Since California passed their loose medical marijuana law in 1996, 23 other states and DC have all passed medical marijuana laws and none of them look like California. There is a multi-step process written into the amendment which will ensure that Florida will not look like California. The rules regarding the dispensation of medical marijuana would be formed by the department of health and the legislature, as well as local control.

Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager at United for Care, stated, "In reality, the comparison is detached from reality.  Florida's amendment 2 would be one of the strictest in the nation, and medical marijuana would only be provided to seriously debilitated patients when recommended by an actual physician.  California has no such provision.  In this 60 second ad these people are devaluing HIV/AIDS patients, telling patients who qualify, who likely cannot drive, they should have to travel great distances to obtain their medicine, and outright lying in their attempt to compare Florida's amendment 2 to Californias medical marijuana program."

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  • Tess Nazareth
    Cannabis is much safer and less harmful then all those bendiozepines which causes not just addiction but, terrible side effects as seizures once you stop taking it! Making it actually dangerous ! Cannabis it’s not habit forming, I know because I smoke cigarets as well and I can go on without cannabis; but cigarets triggers terrible" I must have it"; cannabis helps me better then any medication for anxiety, pain, muscle relax so instead of 3 or 4 prescription I can use only 1 cannabis!
    I really cannot understand how does the government keeps it as scheduled 1; while on the other hand; they own a few cannabis patents specially for neurological use!
    That it’s a very hypocritic to buy, own and research under the table, while denies medical community to proceed with researches !
    Thank you, Thereza
  • Michael Olivares
    Unfortunately the the phrases" medical Marijuana" and “Marijuana” are very bullish and not cute for normal minds the sigma. I suggest that you coin the phrases "clinical cannabis " or “cannabis cures”this will help older voters because they grew with the propaganda against “Marijuana madness” due to du pont, but it will set a difference between the sigmas
  • Anthony Walker
    My name is Anthony Walker. I have devoted my life to easing suffering caused by illness by working as. Registered Nurse. We nurses understand that there are many medical properties to be found in the cannabis plant and that sadly, our federal government has it all wrong by classifying it as Schedule 1 meaning there is no medical benefit to be found in cannabis. For decades, nurses have also tried to share the scientific proof that it is Safe.
    I want to educate the public so that we might reverse the misconceptions and begin offering better relief so that our citizens might make a safer choice rather than being forced to rely on opiate based medicines, etc

    I have written a book about the topic…


    My interest is healing and helping only… Please advise how I might help your campaign.

    Anthony Walker R.N.
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