The biggest misconception regarding Amendment 2

Our campaign to pass Amendment 2 deals with a lot of voter misconceptions:

One misconception is that Florida's current medical marijuana laws already serve the majority of the patients who have serious, debilitating conditions. In fact, only a tiny percentage of those who should have access to treatment are able to.

Another misconception is that local municipalities will not be able to limit the number or location of medical marijuana businesses. They will.

However, the biggest misconception among voters is that medical marijuana is guaranteed to pass in 2016.

It is not. Our opposition has already raised $1.8 million dollars and they could still raise millions more. We might see unexpectedly low turnout in key areas of support like the I-4 corridor or South Florida. Anything can happen in the next 54 days.

Please donate to help us be prepared for anything that stands in the way of our victory between now and November 8th.

I honestly and truly believe we are going to win, but it is not guaranteed. Whether you have never donated before, or are one of the amazing supporters that have donated over 50 times—please donate today to help us do everything we can to help ensure Amendment 2 passes on November 8th.

- Ben

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