PRESS ALERT: United for Care Pans Launch of New Anti-Amendment 2 Website,Video

United for Care, the largest organization advocating for the approval of Florida Constitutional Amendment 2 legalizing the medical use of marijuana in the state, categorically rejects the claims put forward by a newly-launched website and video financed by Drug Free Florida, a committee chaired by controversial former Reagan aide Carlton Turner.

“The website and video are both filled with half-truths, distortions and outright lies,” said Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager of United for Care. “Floridians deserve a debate based on the facts, not disingenuous scare tactics.”

Through the website and the video, which can be found at, the Drug Free Florida committee makes a series of dubious, misleading and often inaccurate claims.

CLAIM: In reference to the availability of medical marijuana, the website asserts “anyone who wants pot will get it.”

FACT: This is simply not true. In their decision placing Amendment 2 on the November ballot, the Florida Supreme Court affirmed that only patients with “debilitating” diseases and medical conditions would qualify for medical marijuana.

CLAIM: “Teens will be able to legally purchase pot without their parents’ consent.”

FACT: Wrong again. In order to purchase medical marijuana, you would need a doctor’s recommendation. Under Florida law, barring a few extenuating circumstances, physicians are not allowed to provide medical treatment to minors without parental or guardian consent, so this is a groundless concern.

CLAIM: Amendment 2 will lead to a “pill mill”-like scenario in Florida. “Pot docs” will “spring up next to restaurants, schools, churches and supermarkets.”

FACT: Look no further than the State of Florida to see that this claim is baseless. The State of Florida’s office of Economic and Demographic Research has already addressed this issue. They have said the physician examination requirement, the application process with the Department of Health, the regulatory structure that would be implemented by that same body and subsequent protective laws that may be passed by the legislature would make this scenario extremely unlikely. (See pages 10-11 of OEDR Financial Information Statement

CLAIM: The website further contends that “felons-even drug dealers” would be able to qualify as caregivers in order to administer medical cannabis to severely ill patients.

FACT: This claim requires the reader to assume that the state will implement Amendment 2 in an irresponsible way. If the amendment is passed, the Florida Department of Health will be tasked with issuing detailed regulations regarding qualification requirements for caregivers. During that process United for Care will fight alongside any organization that, like us, is concerned about making sure nobody with a record of dealing drugs can become a qualified caregiver.

“When it comes to the credibility of anything that comes from Drug Free Florida, it’s best to consider the source,” Pollara concluded. “The organization is chaired by Carlton Turner, a former Reagan-era drug policy aide who had to abandon his position following his statements on marijuana leading to homosexuality. If his views were too extreme for the Reagan administration in 1986, how can we take anything he or his organization says seriously?”

Powered by over 10,000 volunteers, United for Care is the largest organization in Florida urging voters to vote "yes" on Amendment 2. United for care is a non-partisan campaign with an on-the-ground presence in 18 communities across the state including campaign offices in Miami, Tampa and Orlando.

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commented 2014-05-27 00:41:29 -0400 · Flag
Everyone who has heard of this “No on 2” nonsense (not many people) basically all said it makes them want to vote YES on Amendment #2! Not surprised there! We are going to all make this happen for Florida whether the corrupt politicians like it or not.

As for law enforcement, I think most police officers in Florida are sensible and reasonable human beings with compassion and in this modern day and age understand full well that Cannabis is a medicine and should be treated as such. It’s going to be a lot safer being tested for purity/mold/etc and sold by legal dispensaries than some back alley dealer with questionable products from who knows where. Thank you for your vote of YES on #2 here in Florida, please do not let us down on November 4th! Sunshine Cannabis™
commented 2014-05-25 11:00:02 -0400 · Flag
The sheriffs association’s tax status prevents it from actively lobbying for people to vote against Amendment 2,
commented 2014-05-22 13:19:22 -0400 · Flag
Please don’t paint all police officers with the same brush, Many of us are much more rational about medical cannabis and the drug war itself. ( ) Most just cannot freely speak their mind on this issue because it would essentially be career suicide in most cases.

These uninformed Sheriffs should stick to enforcing the law and quit trying to shape it. That is a clear conflict of interest and should be investigated in my opinion.
commented 2014-05-17 11:15:02 -0400 · Flag
First let me clear, I am 100% for the use of Medical Cannabis. I am not for the Recreational use of Marijuana.
(Cannabis = Medicine, Marijuana = an intoxicant, ,imo)
Having over thirty years in Law Enforcement spanning two states in Local, State and Federal levels. Please correct me if I am wrong here. We were only allowed to endorse or not endorse Politicians or Political agenda’s. We were not permitted to openly campaign in any way or fashion in these arenas. We were responsible to enforce laws as they were written and that’s it. If we in any way campaigned using a format such as this. We would find ourselves and or our labor unions in conflict and subject to disciplinary action. The use of out sourced re-numerations for these endeavors can be construed as corruption, in a way to facilitate an end result. Think about it, do you not arrest a political figure because you endorse him / her in their elections. The same would apply to legislation agendas, If you openly support it and campaign for it, do you over look the fact that at the time it is illegal. Or in the later, do you continue to arrest individuals for something that is now legal. This is why we had to stay out of the way. “The Law Is The Law” and not subject to a law officers personal feelings or beliefs. It is my opinion that the Sheriffs Association is out of bounds on this and may find themselves answering to the powers that be.
commented 2014-05-16 01:02:21 -0400 · Flag
this is bad for them to try to keep killing people just because the cops want to be able to kick in your doors kill your dogs and point there rifles at your kids for there own greed and the dishonest politicians that we vote out of office along with we will vote yes on 2 and remove the corruption in Florida for good
commented 2014-05-15 21:45:43 -0400 · Flag
I’m pretty sure that anybody that searches for Mel Sembler will quickly arrive at the same conclusion that I have. This is douchebaggery at it’s finest. FYI, Mel Sembler is the scum behind this No On 2 campaign. He is a corrupt, GOP fundraiser with a clear stake in the failure of this amendment as he receives large amount of tax payer money for his unlawful drug rehab centers and drug test programs. Disgusting.
commented 2014-05-15 19:46:43 -0400 · Flag
I watched the video and was laughing from all the lies!
commented 2014-05-15 19:23:58 -0400 · Flag
Yes on 2, that video confused people. Good job Ben Pollara!