Not guilty, but not done.

Bridget Kirouac, a 54-year old mother, suffers from bone spurs, fibromyalgia, gastritis, herniated discs, IBS, plantar fasciitis, psoriatic arthritis, and several additional conditions. She had recently moved to Florida from Maine where she is a legal medical marijuana patient.

Two years ago, Bridget’s home was raided and she was arrested for cultivation and possession of marijuana, which she used to treat her conditions. Using Florida’s medical necessity defense, she was able to demonstrate to the jury that her conditions were debilitating and that she had exhausted countless other treatment options that did not yield the benefits of using medical marijuana.

Last Friday, a Martin County jury found patient Bridget Kirouac was found not guilty.

We applaud the jury for accepting what the majority of Floridians know - that marijuana is medicine and that no patient should have to endure what Bridget has gone through.

But without Amendment 2, patients in our state are still subject to arrest and lengthy, costly legal battles, which they have no guarantee of winning. And as the judge in Bridget’s case pointed out, her acquittal does NOT mean she is free to continue to use medical marijuana.

The only way we can safeguard patients against prosecution is to make sure we pass Amendment 2 this year.

Please contribute here so we can ensure that medical marijuana becomes definitively legal via Amendment 2.

Thank you,

Ben Pollara

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