No on 2's ads are silly

If you needed another example of how No on 2 is trying to mislead voters, take their latest online ad. 

In their ad, they try to compare pharmacists with "Budtenders"—their phrase for people who run dispensaries. They say that under Amendment 2, pot could be obtained without a prescription, and not in a pharmacy.

Here's what's misleading about that: Under (antiquated) federal law, medical marijuana can't be prescribed by a physician. It can't be sold by a pharmacist. However, it can be RECOMMENDED by a physician and the state is not prevented from setting the criteria for what businesses can legally sell to the public. 

Amendment 2 makes it clear: To get medical marijuana, you must have a serious, debilitating illness or condition (such as cancer, HIV/Aids, MS, PTSD), AND you must have a written recommendation from a licensed physician.  If you're a minor, you must have the written consent of a parent/guardian. 

To imply otherwise is simply to lie to voters, and further the suffering of those that would have had access had they lived in 25 other states or DC.


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- Ben

Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care

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  • Richy Rich
    Yea, they’re pretty stupid. But then again, someone named KIM MCCRAY was quoted, in a low quality crappy website, as saying that MM won’t get a person high, no matter what the level of THC present, which we all know is bullshit. I actually called, left several messages of Facebook, emailed Kim McCray at the email address she provided on the post, (which bounced), and emailed directly from THIS website about the error in her post, trying to get someone to fix this by posting some kind of correction.
    But no one has done anything to correct the error and now the maniacs at VOTE NO are using this mistake to accuse you of intentionally trying to deceive people.
    I’ve been trying to get someone’s attention about this for a full week and no one has even noticed the many posts I’ve left. You would think that you’re the people trying to get the amendment killed!
    One person did return my phone call, but that was Tuesday or Wednesday and nothing has been done about your irresponsible posting.
    One can only speculate as to how many voters have seen this already and think that it’s WE who are full of shit.
    Pretty sad. Maybe you’re the wrong group to represent change in MM laws.
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