John Morgan: This aggression will not stand.

Over the line! That's how I feel about the No on 2's latest lies. First, they come after me personally in direct mail (as if I'm what this Amendment's about)—and then they have the gall to say marijuana isn't medicine. Well, that's just like, your opinion, man.It certainly isn't the opinion... READ MORE
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They've booked $1m for TV. We're filming today.

We learned late yesterday that the No on 2 campaign now has over a million dollars in TV reservations throughout the state. Just for the first ten days!We're in the lead, but we can't afford to have a repeat of 2014 and get grossly outspent. PLEASE HELP US RESPOND NOW... READ MORE
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Orlando Sentinel: Yes on Amendment 2: So many people in pain will finally gain relief

I became the chairman of United for Care, the campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Florida, in early 2013. At the time, it was a deeply personal decision. My younger brother, Tim, was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life when he was just 18... READ MORE
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Not guilty, but not done.

Bridget Kirouac, a 54-year old mother, suffers from bone spurs, fibromyalgia, gastritis, herniated discs, IBS, plantar fasciitis, psoriatic arthritis, and several additional conditions. She had recently moved to Florida from Maine where she is a legal medical marijuana patient. Two years ago, Bridget’s home was raided and she was arrested... READ MORE
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I have stage IV cancer.

My name is Jim Davidson. As a patient on a chemo regimen for stage IV prostate cancer, I have had times where the nausea was so great that I was unable to eat and hold down food. In one case, for five days. In another, four days. In those two... READ MORE
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I know Amendment 2 can help patients.

My name is Dr. Anne Morgan. I am a Diplomate of the American Academy of Family Practice and I’m a member of The Palm Beach County Medical Society. I am also a former Medical Director of United Health of South Florida, as well as Senior Medical Director of Metropolitan Health.... READ MORE
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The biggest misconception regarding Amendment 2

Our campaign to pass Amendment 2 deals with a lot of voter misconceptions: One misconception is that Florida's current medical marijuana laws already serve the majority of the patients who have serious, debilitating conditions. In fact, only a tiny percentage of those who should have access to treatment are able... READ MORE
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GOP Sen. Brandes backs Amend. 2: "The legislature screwed up."

Senator Jeff Brandes became the first Republican senator last week to back Amendment 2, for an important reason:"The Legislature screwed up the opportunity in the medical marijuana law."This is important because it refutes a key argument made by our opponents: That medical marijuana is something legislature should be handling. But... READ MORE
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New Poll: 70% Support, Only 7% Undecided

Poll after poll has us winning this race in November and finally allowing Florida's doctors to make the recommendations they feel are best for thousands and thousands of suffering patients in Florida.The latest poll, from Public Policy Polling, has us winning with 70% of the vote and only 7% undecided. That... READ MORE
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My name is Dr. Clifford Selsky. I am a pediatrician with a Ph.D. in molecular biology and microbial genetics and specialize in pediatrics and Palliative medicine. Every day, I treat children and their families who are suffering both physically and emotionally. I have also been lucky to study and engage in research at... READ MORE
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