Cartel Lawyer: My Clients Don't Know the MMJ Business

From Ben Pollara and Florida for Care: What Barry Richard, lawyer for CHT Medical - the currently licensed marijuana grower that recently announced its sale to a Canadian company - actually told the Miami Herald was even more revealing and damning: “They haven’t dealt with major distribution systems. They haven’t... READ MORE
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We did it!

Nearly 4 years. Two elections. Over 2 million petitions from Florida voters. $8 million of my money. 18,238 donations from 8,287 of supporterslike you. Over $10 million spent against us, fighting compassion.This is it. WE did it. YOU did it.Hundreds of thousands of sick and suffering Floridians will now benefit from this... READ MORE
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Before Diane died, marijuana was often the ONLY thing that worked.

Diane was fighting for her life when this picture was taken.The extremely aggressive, Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which they thought she had beat the first time, came back and spread fast. She went from thinking she was going to be ok to worrying she'd be on chemo the rest of... READ MORE
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Medical Marijuana Campaign Publishes List of 102 Supportive Medical Professionals   (Miami, FL) – United for Care published a list of 102 medical professionals to its website. The list includes practicing physicians, retired physicians, ER nurses, home-health nurses, clinical psychologists and other medical professionals from throughout Florida.Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager, stated, “Our... READ MORE
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JOHN MORGAN: It's not for Tim anymore

Maybe it's my age, but I'm getting a bit reflective on this journey to pass medical marijuana in Florida.I started this fight for my brother Tim, who without marijuana would either be dead or in intense pain every day of his life... and for my dad, who was able to keep... READ MORE
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(Miami Beach, FL) -- A new poll of Amendment 2 conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research showed support for the medical marijuana amendment at 74%–which is consistent with other recently released poll.  The phone survey, which included 800 likely Florida voters, was conducted October 17th-20th via landline and mobile phones, with a margin of error of 3.59%.... READ MORE
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Press Release: Florida Times-Union, Ft. Myers News Press Endorse Amendment 2; Both Were Opposed in 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2016 CONTACT: BIANCA GARZA EMAIL: PRESS@UNITEDFORCARE.ORG  Third newspaper to change endorsement from 2014 (Miami Beach, FL) -- This weekend the editorial boards of two major Florida daily newspapers - the Florida Times-Union and the Ft. Myers News-Press - urged their readers to vote "yes" on Amendment 2.... READ MORE
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Another $500k against us.

Just days after we announced we secured a massive, $1 million donation in support of Amendment 2, we received news that Sheldon Adelson, billionaire owner of the Venetian, Bellagio, and other casinos, came in with another $500,000 against us. As some of you have noted, they are running ads across the state—trying... READ MORE
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John Morgan: This aggression will not stand.

Over the line! That's how I feel about the No on 2's latest lies. First, they come after me personally in direct mail (as if I'm what this Amendment's about)—and then they have the gall to say marijuana isn't medicine. Well, that's just like, your opinion, man.It certainly isn't the opinion... READ MORE
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They've booked $1m for TV. We're filming today.

We learned late yesterday that the No on 2 campaign now has over a million dollars in TV reservations throughout the state. Just for the first ten days!We're in the lead, but we can't afford to have a repeat of 2014 and get grossly outspent. PLEASE HELP US RESPOND NOW... READ MORE
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