(Miami Beach, FL) -- A new poll of Amendment 2 conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research showed support for the medical marijuana amendment at 74%–which is consistent with other recently released poll.  The phone survey, which included 800 likely Florida voters, was conducted October 17th-20th via landline and mobile phones, with a margin of error of 3.59%.  

"Despite the No on 2 campaign spending millions of dollars in advertising, Amendment 2 support is still holding strong. Voters across racial, gender, and geographic divides support the Amendment 2 ballot language by a winning margin," said Kevin Akins, pollster for Anzalone Liszt Grove. 

"Importantly, support today is +13% greater than internal surveys taken three weeks from the 2014 election. Amendment 2 looks poised to finish strong this year," said Akins.

"This poll confirms what other polls have shown all along–voters recognize it is time to do what legislature failed to do and pass a compassionate medical marijuana law letting doctors use their best judgement for their seriously debilitated patients," said Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager for United for Care. 

The poll also showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 45% to 38%.

Demographics/composition of the poll:


Powered by over 14,000 volunteers, United for Care is the largest organization in Florida fighting for a sensible medical marijuana law. United for Care is a non-partisan campaign with an on-the-ground presence across the state including a campaign office in Miami.

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  • It’s a shame Morgan and Pollara folded on the original 2014 version of this Amendment. There was no reason to do so during a presidential election year with greater turnout. As it stands, if the Amendment passes, it will be of substantially less value than it should have been. Pollara had the temerity to advise me with the misinformation that the “other conditions” provision of this current amendment would be sufficient to allow a dr. to write marijuana for chronic pain, insomnia, migraine and other conditions for which it would be effective. Either Pollara is painfully misinformed or cares little about the truth. The current watered down version of the 2014 Amendment is too restrictive to effect substantial change.
  • In Palm Beach County, we have NOT seen 1 ad for Yes On 2. Only the no on 2.
    Very sad!
  • Am sorry that am so cynical, but have seen too much in this state.

    When you have armed ‘Sheriffs’ giving ‘unbiased’ opinions on the matter, it tells me that even if we DO get the votes we need, state government won’t allow it happen.

    Now maybe, finally this state is moving in a forward direction and I will be surprised. Can’t help but recall the BS ads that get rolled out at the end of every election. Each years craters out a new low.

    Ads that are untrue, that people believe and then vote against their own best interest from spooky music and a scared voice.

    Am gonna say it again, this Amendment should be run right next to outright legalization. Is my belief it would have won had they done that last time, simply based on the increased turnout a full legalization Amendment would draw.

    The opposition’s ENTIRE argument is that this is pathway to full legalization. If you run full legalization right next to it, don’t you engage these clowns on two separate fronts while taking those arguments away?

    Not to mention that outright legalization ends all argument on this, while medical actually complicates it many ways.

    When 60% of the people vote for both, you’ve put TLH in a hotbox.

    Said this before too, we voted for High Speed Rail TWICE, don’t see no trains.

    Look how long it took the Legislature to finally get the CBD oil products to the suffering children they actually wheeled out for that phony sideshow.

    That was the ‘People only need this and anyone who doesn’t agree only wants to get high’ presentation, AKA ‘Operation: Dirtweed’

    The medical part of this actually limits the people who might vote for it as they see their life has to be a living hell to even try to get this approved, if it wins.

    You put full legalization on the ballot with it, can guarantee your ‘burnout turnout’ will get you high enough to clear any hurdle this bass-ackwards State sets up.

    Don’t even get me started on OUTSIDE money influencing a decision that is supposed to be a STATES RIGHT’s issue. Is our state, if people can throw money at this from any direction, then is a federal matter as it clearly crosses state lines in its concerns and effects.

    Wish you luck, am voting for it. Sadly just got Dx’d with another disease on the list.

    Still thinking Obama decriminalizes it on the way out and also pardons non violent cannabis ‘offenders’ on the way out, my gut always told me he would and have been right more than wrong with him.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
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