New Poll: 70% Support, Only 7% Undecided

Poll after poll has us winning this race in November and finally allowing Florida's doctors to make the recommendations they feel are best for thousands and thousands of suffering patients in Florida.

The latest poll, from Public Policy Polling, has us winning with 70% of the vote and only 7% undecided. That number is consistent with numerous other recent polls. 

Still, the No On 2 Campaign is doing everything it can to provoke fear and obstruct this important access. And they have a lot of money to do it. 

We know from our campaign in 2014 that things can change very quickly when you're out spent. As such, we have to continue to build our advertising fund to make sure we have enough to adequately communicate the truth to undecided (or easily swayed) voters.

We have 60 days. Mail ballots drop in roughly 30.  Please urgently contribute here.

It doesn't have to be a big donation. 

Please click here make a donation of ANY size today.

Thank you.

- Ben Pollara

United for Care


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  • Naomi davison
    70% winning proportion is win for doctors of Florida those 8% who are yet to choose which side they have to pick will likewise turn your way in the wake of seeing a lead. To lead voters on right call dependably says that tell the general population what they need and they will switch sides with you.
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