John Morgan: This aggression will not stand.

Over the line!

That's how I feel about the No on 2's latest lies. First, they come after me personally in direct mail (as if I'm what this Amendment's about)—and then they have the gall to say marijuana isn't medicine. 

Well, that's just like, your opinion, man.

It certainly isn't the opinion of doctors (like Sanjay Gupta), nurses, patients who have actually tried it, or even the state legislature and Governor, which passed and signed a limited, fatally-flawed version of a medical marijuana law in this very state. 

This isn't 'Nam. There are rules. And one rule is that you don't mess with patients. And frankly, their nihilism is both exhausting and not scientific.

This aggression will not stand.  So here is what we're going to do:

...We're going to come together. 
...We're going to raise a crap-ton of money right here.
...We're going to win and make sure patients like my brother get the access they need.

Do not mark it zero:

Please donate here today. It's matched 1-to-1.


- John

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  • Dan Wietzel
    Please everyone. I have had the joy of knowing what its like to be doped up on opioids to help with my chronic pain and also have known the painful withdrawal effects associated with them. After Big Pharm got me all doped up, along with the Doctors that made millions from pushing the pills, I say, Come on everybody. Marijuana is the only thing that I have used that truly works for my severe neuropathy. Work it does. I and people like myself can benefit greatly if this bill is passed. Look, i’m no doper. I just need help getting through day by day things, and to help me live a healthier and happier life. The benefits of marijuana is far greater than opioids. Vote Yes on admendment 2. Please help people such as myself finally break the Big Pharma dope dealers. Thank you.
  • Debra Twidle
    Two years ago I was faced with a choice. I was in pain management, my meds had escalated to hydroporphone(dilaudid) 4mg 4x a day. The problem was from Brandon to Lakeland not a single pharmacy would fill the prescription. I suffered horrific withdrawal. 10 days of misery and the full brunt of my many injuries roaring through my broken body. While under my doctor’s care I was drug tested monthly and followed the rules. However after my cvs, the Walgreens, the Publix, Winn Dixie and the Walmart refused to fill it. I made a phone call, and 20 minutes later… I wish it was not an either/ or, option. MM is very helpful, and I don’t curl up in a ball of pain if I run out. After having to detox off opiates it’s a walk on the beach. I don’t think people realize that it’s already here. What we are seeking is legitimately. My lungs are shot, I’m 52 and candy or a brownie would be perfect. Perhaps with all the revenue they will be collecting some of it would be spent developing powerful non addictive pain medication. I am so aware of doctor’s being reluctant to prescribe long term pain meds for patients. I get it. But for those of us who deal with daily lifelong pain, we deserve to seek relief with dignity.
  • Jon Speak
    First of all . All the crap spewed by law enforcement and prohibitionist’s is total BS! All the bad things that could come from Marijuana have already happened. I am a Florida native. When I was in middle school, while teachers issued textbooks dime bags were being distributed by certain students. I don’t recall ever seeing alcohol on campus. Would that have been the case if Marijuana was legal? I think not! It is time we applied common sense and compassion to all of our drug laws. I still can’t understand why Drabinnol which is THC produced by a pharmaceutical company is a schedule III narcotic while Marijuana remains a schedule I! MONEY? What else?
  • Homer Salisbury
    Russ Gordon; Yes there is freedom of speech and you have that right. But please, do me a favor? Try to engage your brain before opening your mouth. The speech you are giving us sounds more like you are a suffering alcoholic, with sick thinking. A rational intelligent open minded individual, or even a second grader can tell you do not know what you are talking about. Ask any police officer how many domestic violence calls he responded to that had alcohol to blame. Then ask how many calls he responded to for domestic violence that a Medical marijuana Patient (that only had Delta9 thc in their system) was to blame. The same can be said for car crashes. Robberies, Rape and the list goes on.
  • S Sims
    God bless you Mr Morgan. Without you there would be no hope for many of us in pain and sick.
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