My name is Dr. Clifford Selsky. I am a pediatrician with a Ph.D. in molecular biology and microbial genetics and specialize in pediatrics and Palliative medicine. Every day, I treat children and their families who are suffering both physically and emotionally. I have also been lucky to study and engage in research at Yale Medical School, the Harvard School of Public Health, and the biophysics laboratory at Stanford University – some of the most prestigious health institutions across the country.

That is why I'm so disappointed and disheartened by the Florida Medical Association's (FMA) recent decision to oppose Amendment 2 this November because of – according to their reasoning – a "lack of scientific evidence that pot is helpful in treating medical conditions.” This is blatantly false and pejorative; using the tern “pot” rather than medical cannabis.
Throughout my career, I have encountered and interacted with many laboratory scientists and physicians who research and utilize cannabis in clinical settings because of its proven medicinal properties. To say otherwise, or to say marijuana has no potential for medical use, is a disservice to the countless people that rely on health organizations like the FMA for guidance.

Fortunately, most other health organizations take their role much more seriously including the American Medical Association (their parent organization), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians. These organizations along with many others all support medical marijuana access and research.

Also, just this week, the federal government announced that it would soon be increasing research access to medical marijuana in order to explore the many potential health benefits.

So at least most of us are on the right side of this debate. I just wish we all were…


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  • Gabriel Bajandas
    This is so silly, how is it possible that alcohol, tobacco and painkillers for example are perfectly leagal but cannabis is not. The amount of reaserch and patients in other cities that are getting legitimate help is completely ignored. This should be like the law “innocent until proven guilty” if they find that is so harmful like they say legalize it like Joe Rogan said. But putting cannabis in the same category as heroine is a clear example of these people not caring enough to do the reaserch of cannabis vs heroin and lives that have been affected by each and their differences. They would have never left cannabis in the same category as heroin if they knew what they where talking about. Heroin kills a magnitude of people daily in the world, when was the last time that cannabis killed someone??? Never. This is a Orange to Apple comparison and this really worries me, in the sense that these people have the power to tell “what to do” and we appoint some of these people by voting and now they don’t even listen to the people that “hired” them for the job. Hopefully things can change and clarity will prevale.
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