Did you see the big news?

Yesterday, it became official. Medical marijuana will be on the ballot in 2016. 
What that means is that hundreds of thousands of patients suffering from debilitating conditions like cancer, MS, epilepsy, PTSD, intractable pain, and other issues have hope for relief.
But now, we must make sure that voters aren't misled by our opposition, which is already speaking out.
Help us get this campaign ready to take on those that stand against patients: Contribute in support of the amendment today. 
23 other states and D.C. have recognized the need to allow doctors the right to recommend medical marijuana to their patients. It’s time Florida joins them.
We need to raise millions. Please help us kick start the official beginning of this campaign by making a donation today, here.
Thank you for everything you did and gave to help us get past the petition phase. This is a huge accomplishment, but the fight is just beginning.

- Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care
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commented 2016-04-21 06:08:06 -0400 · Flag
Marijuana proposal are extensive across the state this year, http://www.assignmentcorner.co.uk/ and already 20 states statement marijuana validation ballot measures in the November 2016 selections, as reported by SFGate.
commented 2016-04-02 02:55:33 -0400 · Flag
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commented 2016-04-01 13:25:42 -0400 · Flag
United for care is no friend of the people, if they want what’s best for patients they would not have left out caregivers or home grows, rather leaving our care in the hands of government and big pharma. VOTE NO
commented 2016-02-04 05:32:35 -0500 · Flag
Thank you so much for everything you have published in this blog and yes I see this great and helpful news for the patients. www.assignmentcorner.co.uk
commented 2016-01-29 12:46:06 -0500 · Flag
Why a DEA. Agent otherwise known as a doctor
is to perscribe is beyond me. Not really
Florida state wants to insure
they can screw us the pepole for max dollars
Besides if they havent used it i. Nearly 100 years
How can they claim expertise?
Think vote NO. only recreational or total
decriminalization this gives them the same rules as
oxycontin morphine and dilaudis and we all know
How that turned out
I have uncontrollable glaucoma and
i will continue as i have for years im not
going to give them the upper hand on me they already
Have 1 upperhand if they want they
can deport me! Or exacute me but I’mVoting NO
Make you can grow your own and recreational and I’ll
Vote for it.