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  • Please help me. I need legal aid in an irreparable harm case. Please call me. Thank you and God bless.
  • I am a Specialist in the Army National Guard. I spoke with Carly who referred me to you. Six months ago I tested positive for THC. I did not learn of it until a month or two after. When questioned, I explained that I innocently ingest a lot of spinach dip prepared with THC distillate. The medicinal food items were Inadvertently made available by veteran suffering from THC. In return, I was given the opportunity to remain in service. Then, I was informed that I tested positive again the next consecutive month. This time the amount of THC was so high that it exceeded the DOD maximum threshold at 271 ng/ml. I explained that it was all correlated to the same circumstances which rendered the first positive results just a month before. By some miracle I was given the opportunity to stay in the service as long as I signed up for the Army’s drug rehab program; along with a requirement to be tested every month for 12 months. I tested positive a third time just a few days ago. This time with lower ng/ml count. I have not been told the concentration. Needless to say, I need some help here. I’ve read articles which affirm that THC distillates require much longer periods to not be detectable in urine. I need to find a scientific article, or any other strong reference, confirming that THC is detectable in urine up to six months for individuals who consume THC distillate. I need help here. I need strong documents. I’d truly appreciate any help. I’d be indebted to you. If you guys ever want a Paratrooper in one of your publications, just ask. Thank you. Please feel free to call me. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.
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  • I applied for medical marijuana use I paid $250 for consultation$75 for application I received my card after 90 days called about prescription I was told I would have to come in because it was after 90 days pay another $50 and $500 for the year. It’s only for the rich not for me someone on disability. It’s almost impossible to get anything for the pain so it needs to be legalised so it’s available to the poor how do i get my money back?
  • I have Lord all around these sites. No one mention of a reputable doctor to see. Or anyone that can help you for that matter. Why??
  • So apparently patients aren’t protected by any rights. If our doctors leaves one clinic to another we are required to pay new patient fees. This whole thing is a scam! Contact a lawyer and they refer you to this site? Does anybody answer these? I fail to see how this helps anyone, other than complaining to get it off your chest.
  • I know John Morgan sued State of Fl because people are not allowed to smoke medical Marijuana here in Fla. It was to go to court in January 2018. I cannot find any new info online. Did it go to court? If so, what is the verdict? Thank you
  • Contact,
  • Mr. Morgan Sir, I contacted your office in Orlando about representing myself and my company, Panama City Beach Marijuana Company LLC (PCBMCLLC), and I was told over the phone to contact you for this reason on this web site. I was told in a phone conversation by one of your associates that you had received an email I sent your office regarding this matter. I was also told that you would consider representing this matter. I am suing the state of Florida for not allowing me to conduct business with the Marijuana Company License I purchased from the state of Florida. It also addresses the ethnicity discrimination restricting the allowance of growing and selling Marijuana to members of Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association of Florida, as well as the encroachment of power of attorney as the application requires the applicant confess to crimes dating back three years of illegal growing alleviating the right to plead the fifth. I haven’t grown Marijuana for the past three years, I have a growth process I want to get patented. I am also contending that the Canadian Big Pharma bribing Governor Scott 80 Billion, and then bribing the entire legislative branch more than another 20 Billion not to impeach the Governor has a factor as to why the state of Florida is not allowing any ethnicities other than Black to conduct marijuana growing and industry business here in Florida. Also, I am currently attempting to discover how the North Florida District of Federal Court has deemed verdicts with no presentation of evidence of any kind to the plaintiff. I am suing for $100,000.00 per business day that the PCBMCLLC was registered as licensed in the state of Florida for the fiscal year of January 3, 2017 to January 3, 2018. I am also suing Alabama for nearly 400 Billion resulting from espionage conducted in Mobile, Alabama by Judge Robert E Lee Key. The date the espionage occurred was September 11, 1997. I am applying exponential growth in that amount. The industry numbers will confirm that these amounts are nominal, and in fact could be legitimately presented as much higher. I am also suing the FBI (US) of Mobile, Alabama for a Sextillion plus resulting from the FBI willfully neglecting duty, obstruction of justice, evasion of justice, and accomplice to the reported crimes proxy of their sabotaging the FBI for thefts of intellectual properties of more than 50,000 songs, hundreds of movie script concepts, hundreds of patents, and scientific properties such as the Time Space Monitor which is a 100% reflective spiral vacuum speeding up light with a focal property. I’m the person that wrote the songs and movies script basic concepts, conceived the patent-able products, and figured out the physics of the fifth state matter of light, and other scientific breakthroughs such as the heart wrap, which is using human muscle to contract heart muscles with in case of a pacemaker being subjected to failure resulting from microwave caused disfunction. I am writing you to find out if you have decided anything on this yet as to whether or not you will help me in this mater. Your radio commercial says you are a fighter for the people. Bell goes ding, and you’re in the fight. If you want. I’m sure we can come to an arraignment on two out of three of these issues, however, regarding the Sextillion, it’s too much for me to grant a pre designated percentage. I have spent 30 years working on this, and I have openly admitted and declared that the state of Alabama is a domestic enemy state, and there hasn’t been anyone to contend otherwise. Obviously a warhead is an option, but I am also an inventor, and projecting a cyanide signal is an option as well. I would rather just tell the truth in a court where the guilty can be discovered and put to death by the courts. I want my money.
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  • None of your links seem to be working on your Website.. ?? ?

    I can’t shop, volunteer or donate.. .

    Did you shut down your website? Can’t Quit Now.. . More Work to Do…
  • Is John Morgan working for medical cannabis in Mississippi? I am a canna-med patient from Wa. that moved back to Ms. and no longer have legal access. I have spoken to a economic policy advisor for Gov. Barnett about state policy and Sen. Roger Wicker to suggest that he support rescheduling at the federal level. There’s a rumor that Mr. Morgan is doing a class action on this issue in Mississippi and I’m wondering if that is true? Thanx!
  • How is a Canadian with a medical mj permit able to access their medicine while visiting Florida??? It appears there is no way without a permanent address?
  • I am finding it very difficult to locate a prescribing doctor in Orlando area. there are too many ‘agent’ types online that want fees. I have my medical records but just simply need a doctor. can anyone help me please? i don’t want to get ripped off. I am needing this, but not a desperate person.
  • need to get info on where my card is
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  • The present Medical Marijuana law is too limiting. Other states only require a Doctor to prescribe for any reason. I have a back injury that has referred pain throughout my right Sciatica nerve from the buttocks to the foot. I cannot qualify for medical marijuana with the restrictive Florida guidelines. I don’t want to take opioids, and edible cannibis products relieve pain and help me sleep.
  • Proposition for a Constitutional Amendment to the Florida Constitution for the legalization of the recreational use of Marijuana.

    Marijuana use for recreational purposes should be legalized. The use of Marijuana has been shown to be no more deleterious to ones’ health than the use of alcohol or tobacco. This use can also be beneficial to the state and local government by the levy of taxes on its use.


    Allow the recreational use of marijuana in the State of Florida subject to the following conditions:

    1. Use is by adults over the age of 21.

    2. Regulation of use to be similar to the regulation of alcohol with respect to impairment of the operation of motor vehicles, public intoxication, and similar rules.

    3. Taxation: State of Florida will continue to fund all education as it has done previously. Taxes received from the sale of recreational marijuana in no way releases the State of Florida from the way education was funded previously. This amendment is meant to supplement education funding and not replace funding from the state.

    i. 50% of the taxes received from the state tax on the sale of recreational marijuana will go directly for additional revenue to the public school systems in Florida. This is over and above the amount traditionally supplied by the state for education. This does not allow the state to reduce educational funding because of increased revenue from recreational marijuana sales taxes.

    ii. 30% of the taxes received from the state tax on the sale of recreational marijuana will go directly to the additional revenue for higher education, above the level currently allocated. This does not allow the state to reduce higher educational funding because of increased revenue from recreational marijuana sales taxes. Higher education being defined as accredited public colleges and accredited technical colleges.

    iii. 10% of the taxes received from the state tax on the sale of recreational marijuana will go to the state retirement system until such a time the state retirement system is fully funded to meet all liabilities. After that requirement has been met, this 10% will go to the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

    iv. 10% of the taxes received from the state tax on the sale of recreational use of marijuana will go into the general state coffers to be used as the Legislature of the State of Florida sees fit.

    4. State officials will lobby for a change of schedule for the drug classification of marijuana.
  • I am with Patient Advocate Group of Pinellas County. I have been trying to open a medical marijuana evaluation office since June 2017.
    I have met with resistance from The City of Largo. They have delayed my business permit for over two months now. All they will tell me is ,I will have it “tomorrow”, each time they have a different excuse on why we can not have a business license.

    We have complied with every demand. The list keeps getting longer.

    Also, our landlord has made us take our sign down three times. They refuse to let us put “marijuana” in the name. They have made us take down our sign with the medical staff and marijuana leaf.

    We have over $75,000. Invested in this project to date.

    I have patients who have been waiting for us to open, so they can get proper care.

    I am at my wits end on this situation and need legal assistance.

    Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide.
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  • This is Drew Dixon with the Florida Times-Union newspaper in Jacksonville. We are working on a story regarding the legalization of Medical Marijuana this year and how it has been implemented and what some of the challenges are that still remain. Looking for Ben Pollara. Please have him give me a call at 904-359-4098. Deadline is Thursday if you could, please.
  • Hello,

    We have passed the law, but our cities are putting up road blocks. Fort Myers planning board is meeting December 6th to postpone medical marijuana dispensaries from opening. What can we do to prevent this? It does patients no good if they can’t have access to their medicine. The fight is not over! We can’t even grow medical marijuana in our own homes, and that should be another concern.
  • Are physicians (prescribing) allowed to be part owner in dispensary pharmacy?
  • With regards to driving with Medical Marijuana in your system, not medicated for 4 ~ 8 hours:

    Sabree v. State 978 S d 840 (2008) disregard the cocaine, does this help our movement in any way ~ Walter Moryan <~~~ I wrote how an herb from Earth helped with my ongoing recovery
  • I️ need a phone call from you. Please and thank you.
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