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  • I am a software engineer in Jacksonville, FL and I would like to volunteer my talents to help the cause.
  • How do you become enlisted as a health professional. I am an RN and would be interested in adding my name to the list.
  • Please utilize this website to keep us informed of the events that occur and are scheduled to occur as amendment 2 gets implemented. Timeline of expected events. News of progress or lack thereof. Future milestones, etc.
  • In response to Leon Manko comments I can feel your pain in regards to the way the State of Florida legislature has established that only six (6) nurseries within the state can grown and distribute the medical marijuana. In fact I currently live in the Orlando area and the Know Nursery which is one of the approved nurseries in the state began selling and distributing medical marijuana to patients a few days ago as you can read in this news article

    Now trust me when I read this article I said to myself there is no way anyone whom wanted to open a medical marijuana clinic as an entrepreneur will have a fighting chance to stay in business to long. Simply because if the six (6) nurseries are not only growing medical marijuana but selling it to patients then these independent medical marijuana clinics will not stand a chance. Because with the nurseries being able to sell their product at their costs without any markup of any kind their pricing will be way lower then the independent medical marijuana clinics. Also I figure that all of the independent medical marijuana clinics whom purchase from them they will markup (G&A, Overhead, Profit, and etc.) the price of their product so that their product always sells for less which by doing so will drive out the competition.

    However since the State of Florida legislature is currently working on finalizing what is acceptable and what will not be acceptable under amendment 2 so it can be officially placed on the books as a law. I would hope and pray that they realize that if they do not exclude and restrict the six (6) nurseries from selling the medical marijuana to patients but only to medical marijuana clinics this could end up hurting many of these legislators the next time elections are held. Also I can not speak on the behalf of Mr. John Morgan but I am sure that many other attorneys throughout the state are eagerly awaiting on what will be listed in the amendment 2 once it becomes law. Because I am pretty sure if the law ends up favoring just the six (6) nurseries and not providing a path for free enterprise and entrepreneurship to take shape like it has in other states where medical marijuana has been approved then I am pretty sure the State of Florida will be hit with an abundance of lawsuits challenging the legislatures decision.
  • Ok now that the Amendment had passed , when will we see more physicians taking patients? I have breast cancer and have called numerous physicians to be told ,“sorry not taking new patients” or “the program is not up and running,yet”. Any thoughts?
  • I would like to know why we dont hear any news reports or articles about patients being able to cultivate their own medicine? It is clear that this was always the intention…to make this a monopoly in Florida. Putting money in front of the public interests. I would like to know what is being done, who is fighting for the rights of the 71% of Floridians who voted for a comprehensive medical marijuana program. I guarantee that those 71% of Floridians never thought their medicine would be monopolized by a half dozen nurseries around the state. What a garbage law that barely expands beyond what our garbage legislature set up for themselves. That by preempting a strict law which set up this restricted nursery type program, our legislature has effectively taken the wind out of the sail for millions of people who did not realize this was the intention all along. To dupe Floridians into giving all the marijuana growing privileges to just a few. Such garbage. Why haven’t we heard anything about this? Why no news coverage? Why hasn’t John Morgan come out in angry protest over this? Maybe John knew all along? Answers please!
  • Hello. I am a retired army veteran of 20 years. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression, TBI, among others. I’ve been prescribed medications, and, the side affects often were just as bad as the symptoms. So, when Florida passed amendment 2, I couldn’t be happier. Not only for myself, but for my fellow veterans.

    I would like to open a dispensary in Florida, to support my local veterans. It has been a dream of mine to give back to the veterans who have served our country. This will be my way. I need some help to make this dream happen. Investors, advisors, anything will be greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten. Thank you so much for your time.
  • I am a PA who is seeing patients now for access to care. Is there an effort to end this insane 90 day waiting period? Many of our patients don’t have 90 days. I’m heartbroken. Is there anything I can do to help you change this rule ?
  • I’m a cannabis physician with 6 years of experience in Oregon and California. Looking to relocate to Florida. Hope to speak with one of you who can provide macro view of cannabis industry in Florida. Thank you
  • The fight to get the bill passed was the first step now we have to make sure they don,t let Big Pharma get involved, or make mistakes like other states have. I think you need to help write the bill to implement the conditions regulations and so on. I would like to help with that. Everyone call your state representatives, congressman, senators and The governor. We don’t want them trashing this historic milestone.
  • Hi, now that medical marijuana passed in Florida, What can I do now to get my medical Marijuana license for my wife and myself.
  • We need to stay vigilant, the anti- Amd 2, are on the prowl looking to hollow out the amendment by lobbying against different formulation and edibles. Let not sleep on our laurel as difficult as they were to accomplish. Always think of the patients first!
  • I have a dispensing solution, compliance, and a cloud base solutions to introduce to the State and Medical boards.
  • plz need help to get medicine for my liver which is gave me liver damage an i smoke because i can not take pain pill or nerve pills so i suffer everyday with this diease an they will not give me the med. i need. to have my life back. i need help!!??
  • Hello and first off, Thank you for helping be a part of history in making medical marijuana more accessible to others who desperately need it. I’m emailing you guys to find out maybe if you have any info on how I myself could possibly become a caregiver. I’m from Colorado. I’m a cancer survivor myself.
  • In our meeting at work today. They told me that I cannot. Have medical marijuana. For my arthritis in my spine. It still against the Laar on a federal level. There telling me I could still lose my job is this true.
  • Thanks for everything that you’ve done!! I’ve been a volunteer since the first time amendment 2 was on the ballot. I would like to know about what I need to do in order to open a coop/dispensary. I was a grower in California, but would like to move to the other side of the movement (my Mother’s neuropathy and friends that have had head trauma can use this medicine to help with the pain among other things).. There’s a lot of information online, but I figured I ask you where I should go.

    Thanks for your time and assistance!!


  • Where can i find a list of DR’s that may prescribe & where and when can we expect to implement the law
  • Thank you for all your hard work in getting this approved last night! Congrats!!!! I thank you because I suffer from chronic pain almost everyday/all day and take strong narcotics as well as 3 other prescription medications that all have different side effects and all are very expensive. I am looking forward to this more than you know! Thanks again!!!!!
  • Congradulations!!!!!!!! Thank you for all your hard work, finally paid off:) Historic day in history!
  • Where is victory party tonight in Collier county?
  • I have been waiting for someone to contact me.

    I would like to volunteer in some way before election day, and it is looming in the near future.
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