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  • I have been involved in the sale of orthopedic devices (Hip, knee replacements, trauma ) and devices for back and neck surgery for 37 years. I am looking for an opportunity in the field of medical marijuana and am willing to move to Florida. This field will need some medical expertise and credibility to educate the public that medical marijuana has little or no THC in it. Medical professionals will also need some education on it’s indications,contraindications,dosages,etc. Also, I would like to get involved in the development of a mobile device or method to determine the level of impairment a person is experiencing, this will be needed when marijuana is passed for recreational use and will be needed everywhere.
  • Hello,

    I recently joined the site as a volunteer and look forward to hearing of opportunities. I am currently preparing to open a dispensary in Miami, and am just looking for opportunity to meet, work and get to know others who are passionate about medical marijuana.
  • I hope John Morgan runs for Governor, wee need him badly.
  • I have more questions about the entire process. Kinda hazzy on a few issues. Getting started, the permits necessary and when are they available? I am a resident of Florida and I have land here. I want to use it for MMJ (Dispensary). How? Compassionate Use Department?

    Please call me or email me with information. I am looking for help.
  • 8 million dollars spent to end up with a shitty medical cannabis law that few will benefit from especially if they only allow low THC cannabis or doctors will be afraid to prescribe. Did you really think the state of Florida would do the right thing? If I could grown my own then would have a supply of quality cannabis without spending a lot of money that some do not have.
  • I am interested in the licensing for a MMJ dispensary. It is my understanding that I need to be registered with the Compassionate Use Department in order to obtain a vendors permit for a MMJ dispensary. I have attempted to contact the Compassionate Use Department to register, but have been told there is no application yet. Any advice on things I should be doing in the meantime would be much appreciated.
  • Please contact me at given number. Have a few questions that I would like to hear about straight from your organization vs internet or news. Thank you so much and will look forward to hearing from you. Ben may remember me from prior to the election. Worked hard on petitions for years. Thank you again
  • I am a reporter with News 13. We are working on a medical marijuana id application story. We are looking for a personal angle on the story by trying to speak to a patient or caregiver. Would there be someone you would know that we could be put in contact with? My work cell is 407-461-3126.

  • I understood that Ammendment 2 would allow patients to grow their own medicine. I look and find I must use one of 7 (6 of which are already licensed) producers. We the patients where and are being mislead once again by those with the money.
  • As a Vietnam veteran with 100% disability I have been given with good intention, medications with so many concerning side effects. I quit using marijuana because of subsequent legal issues; and though FL passed the law but in the same breath placed a 200 plus day moratorium. Does that mean that use is still illegal? I’m 68 years old and a law-a-biding citizen, Thank you for your time on this.
  • Now that it’s passed how do I go about getting medical marijuana?ty..
  • I am interested in purchasing some penny stock for medical marijuana in Florida can you help!!
  • I am interested in the business side of medical marijuana. Investor

    Heard several times John Morgan ads. Small investor interest
  • The fight is not over. Please use mailing list to support Jeff Brandes SB 614 that eliminates monopolistic stranglehold on growing.
  • I cant get a job because I use Medical Marijuana. Can you please help me?
  • Ben please contact me on the issue between medical marijuana and CWP. I was told that I will have to surrender my CWP to get med Marijuana. Please let me know what is happening with this . I chose to protect myself and my family, i didn’t choose to get cancer…..
  • Called the two providers listed for Melbourne area and neither provides service. One number no good. Please advise
  • Hello I would like information on obtaining licenses for despencing medical miruguana.
  • I am interested in purchasing some penny stock for medical marijuana in Florida can you help!!
  • Hi, the Florida Department of Health is promulgating their new regulations for implementing amendment 2, and they are asking for feedback. Do you have an information sheet and/or email that we can forward to our personal contacts to encourage them to give feedback to the Department? I have made up an email to be sent out which focuses solely on their planning to give the Board of Medicine more power over doctors’ cannabis recommendations, but I would like something more official. (Also I’ve sent letters

    to the editor to 4 different newspapers.)

    Is their a organized effort that you know of to get supporters to the Department of Health’s workshops around the state 2/6-9?

    Thank you, Jim Funk
  • Hello there, my name is Matthew Haines. I am a part of a group of Veterans looking to open a Veteran Owned and Operated, locally owned dispensary in Bradenton Florida.

    I know there probably isn’t a whole lot of information out there available for us right now, but what can we do to prepare to fight for a license. I know a lot of larger, pre existing companies are going to try and gain a lot of ground in the state. But we want to have a fighting chance as the little guys, we served our country once, and we want to serve it again by bringing medical marijuana to those who could benefit from it, ourselves included as our motivation for this stems from our individual battles with PTSD.

    If you have any additional information other than what is on the website, I sure would appreciate any insight you could provide us.

    Thank you kindly.
  • I am a retired Registered Nurse and Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney. I believe that my education, training, and experience establish me as an asset to clients at a medicinal marijuana dispensary. I am seeking a dispensary in the North Miami area to assist with opening the establishment and to work with clients. Can you assist? Thank you.
  • Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival is taking place 2/9-12 in downtown Gainesville, FL. We have many film and discussions as well as an EcoFair with organizations tabling on 2/11-12. Would you be interested in tabling and/or present about the new law?
  • We’re can you go to a medical marijuana doctor that is affordable for those of us who are not rich. Please get back to me cause our disabled family really needs this treatment. We voted for it and help get it past but can’t get it cause we are not rich. Please give me a call so I know what I have to do, cause right now I’m frustrated.
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