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  • My wife just received her medical marijuana license, and just got her first prescription yesterday. We are going on a cruise in a week and I need to know if she is going to be allowed to bring it with her.
  • How do I get a license to grow or start a business…
  • Did bill 406 pass appropriations today
  • This is worse than Hanging Chads!!
  • How do I get a license to grow medical Marijuana ?
  • I just spent an hour writing a letter on here only to have it deleted and not sent. Now I would like a call back Mr. Pollara I’m not going to write it again. Extremely disappointing that my words were not heard
  • I am looking for an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about the current laws and new laws that are being written currently, to possibly retain for future business opportunity
  • Hi,

    I am the marketing director for a national TV cooking show called, “Taste This TV” airing in the US and 12 other countries. At the request of the Chef and host of the show he would like to incorporate your products in an upcoming show. He is familiar with the brand. I left a phone message but didn’t get a returned call. Can I get a more direct e-mail address to send some additional information?


    David Stein


    Twitter: tastethistvshow


  • To Ben: I was referred by the law firm of Morgan & Morgan about a situation I am having regarding the Orlando VA healthcare system and pain management or should I say lack thereof. They referred me to you in order to get some kind of help.
  • My hope is that HB1397 will be challenged in court if these over payed and under worked

    weasels adopt it as law.

    This is NOT what 71% of Florida voters expected or wanted!

    This lousy offering is in direct opposition to the spirit and intent of Amendment 2 and is,in my opinion,a not so veiled attempt to make it just as hard as possible for Floridians to access this medicine.

    I ,for one ,would certainly contribute to the cost of any legal challenge in court to this piece of

    crap if it’s adopted into law and I suspect that I’m not alone!

    Our will is being usurped and we must act!!!
  • I am disabled on ssi and can’t afford these doctors for a mmj perscription. Is there any programs for people in my situation?
  • I’m working on a patent for a product utilizing cannabis waste. What advice would you give on obtaining this waste? Please contact me with information 4079290254

    Kind Regards, Toni
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  • It’s ridiculous they’re trying to ban smokable marijuana: that’s how everyone knows that it’s an effective pain relief medicinal alternative. We voted for medical cannabis,which is a plant, not medical cannabis-derived products! Our options, i.e., including smokable, should therefore be legally grounded.
  • 10,000 New Businesses

    It has been said that “an island cannot rule a continent.” Yet right now in Florida, that very event is predicted to happen with Amendment 2. Journalists report that an island of powerful lobbyists represent the five licensees for the medical cannabis industry in Florida. Their goal: to bar the doors, rather than open the market to new licensees as allowed by Amendment 2. Instead of an open competitive market with 10,000 new small businesses, it would create a cartel of the status quo.

    Amendment 2 passed with a super-majority of support from Florida voters. This amendment, now part of the Florida Constitution, authorizes the Department of Health to separately register centers and entities that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes, while fostering a horizontal and open system as opposed to the vertically-integrated and restricted current one.

    In each of Florida’s 67 counties, licenses should be given to qualified applicants in any of the areas of growing, processing, dispensing, transport/delivery, and safety compliance. Consider if these licenses were given at one per 7,000 population: we would grow 10,000 new businesses in Florida. There would be specialists drawn to each area—nurserymen and botanists to the grow areas, physicians and pharmacists to the dispensing area, and law enforcement to safety/compliance. These 10,000 businesses would likely hire three to 30 new employees each. Hundreds of thousands of employees would have real jobs, and a vested interest that would support families and allow even the smallest towns of Florida to flourish. These collective numbers would protect the industry, benefit Florida citizens, and provide a substantial tax revenue for our state budget. These thousands of businesses would employ lawyers, lobbyists, and there would be new funds for research, too.

    Florida’s delay on medical cannabis licenses has been embarrassingly slow for a 21st century, high-tech world. To continue the roadblock to small business licenses would be to maintain a closed market for a select few—a market that has been called “corporate welfare” and opposes the intent and mandate of the voters.

    While Florida has recovered from the recession, the middle class struggles and the disparity of wealth in our state has never been greater. A recent report showed the average person lives paycheck-to-paycheck and does not have $400 in savings for an emergency car-repair. Jobs have been sent overseas. College graduates cannot make a living-wage, and thus shrugged, return home to live with their parents. Let’s use Amendment 2 as it was written to be: “for the people”. Our elected officials have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create 10,000 new small businesses and 200,000 new jobs for our citizens in their own towns.

    I believe in the people of Florida and the legislators who represent them. I believe our legislators support small businesses, open markets and ways to bring wealth back to the voters in their communities. And I believe in jobs for families and the good people of Florida.

    Mark Moore, MD is on the Board of Trustees for Florida Taxwatch. He is the physician founder of MEDCAN, LLC, Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Interested in buying penny stocks for marijuana
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  • Do you still need volunteers?
  • I have been involved in the sale of orthopedic devices (Hip, knee replacements, trauma ) and devices for back and neck surgery for 37 years. I am looking for an opportunity in the field of medical marijuana and am willing to move to Florida. This field will need some medical expertise and credibility to educate the public that medical marijuana has little or no THC in it. Medical professionals will also need some education on it’s indications,contraindications,dosages,etc. Also, I would like to get involved in the development of a mobile device or method to determine the level of impairment a person is experiencing, this will be needed when marijuana is passed for recreational use and will be needed everywhere.
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