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  • Hi, I sent an email to Morgan Morgan and they said to reach ou to you. I’m currently on probation for a non-drug relatated situation and I was wondering if there is any provision/case law and or guidance on wether a person on probation is allowed to use medical cannabis as along as they have MJ card? I know there is case law in CA and Colorado that does allow someone on probation to use medical cannibis. I would appreciate it if you can give me any guidance or assistance with this matter. Thank you.
  • If someone has lost their their license revoked permanently and goes for a hardship license in Florida, they are denying the hardship license. WHAT CAN I DO? If it is MEDICAL, wouldn’t it BE LEGAL ti get State Driving Privledge
  • My name is Latif Benik and I’m the General Partner of The Lotion Company LLC. We produce and distribute a CBD infused lotion to treat joint and muscle pain. I’m an arthritis sufferer and we have a program that donates our lotion to those in need. We’re open to suggestions and support in identifying entities that would fulfill that effort such as Veterans Rehabilitation Organizations, Convalescent Hospitals, Long term care facilities, etc. Please feel free to contact me at with your input.
  • I cannot pist to my fb, too old and outdated, inacurate info, embarrasing
  • Why is your website not updated? This is sad…just sad, I am looking at the mess made by our capital and amentment 2 needs amending! Your website reflects poor management and lack of true conviction. What are all the updates? New concerns? Public outcry? Next move? Nothing here?…vote on 2…we did, but who is it helping now? Not me, not anyone I know! I simply cannot afford to even stick my big toe in….and not sure that I would want to. What the hell are they trying to push off on us now, that is not marijuana they are selling. How the hell do I know what that is? I already must suffer constant flouradation, and the consumption of thousands of other unknown substances from rich corporations that must pay to dispose of them…. but that costs too much….so let’s hide it in variuos processed foods, feed it to the public and I qualify, feed it to me, I will eat it with my cheerios! Yum.

    Look pure comes from soil, water, tlc, and very little cost! Just like my tomatoes! Let me grow my own!

    I am just a poor old woman, so I called the office of Morgan and Morgan after reading an article where Mr. Morgan was reported to have stated he will file a suit against the state of Florida for breaching the constitution, and that any Florida citizen could do the same.

    First, I doubt that any citizen could do the same! Not unless you got some pull somewhere, or lots of money! But Mr. Morgan can do something, and I wanted to support him doing it. So I tell them how can I help him go after the state? They give me this website and……what a joke! Really? You are not even up to date. No petitions, no nothing, just an outdated website no one will waste their time on….WAIT,

    SHOP UNITED FOR CARE, support our efforts…what efforts, you can’t even update your website…..old, it is old, we already voted! Not even a thanks for your support people, here is what comes next….

    Dumb, I should have known better!
  • I’m a patient who has just received my recommendation of MMJ and my dosage was delivered yesterday. In less than 24 hours my anxiety levels are manageable without having to to take any anxiety medicine as well as my Fibromyalgia pain. This is definitely a miracle for me, I have missed so much in my 2 youngest children’s lives and now I just want to take our 13 year old daughter to the beach for the day.

    If anyone wants to change their lives for the better then I say what are you waiting for. I do public speaking and I’m ready to shout it from the roof tops, I want to share my story.
  • I am in the process of starting up a medical marijuana dispensary and QC Laboratory in Brevard County. Please let me know what I can do to help you and help me launch my business.
  • I am a long time sufferer of fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, degenerative arthritis, degenerative disk disease, chronic severe pain, MRI of cervical spine showed disc bulging and spondylosis at 4-5. I was diagnosed by the head of the Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine department at John’s Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, MD back in 1998.

    When I was actively being treated from 1998-2004, I went through very aggressive procedures including a nerve block in my spine done by John’s Hopkins that ended up nowhere.

    I also endured many months of 3 times a week physical therapy, along with many, many acupuncture visits that ended with my last acupuncture visit at Johns Hopkins where they forgot I was there with acupuncture needles all up and down my back, neck, arms, legs, head, etc – everywhere – I went for a 12:00 appointment, and after 4 hours of continued crying, yelling, lost my voice, trying to get off the table, which I couldn’t due to all the acupuncture needles – I tried to reach something / anything past my bed that I could potentially throw at the door to get someone / anyone’s attention. They were cleaning up the office for the day around 4pm and “found” I was still there – clearly very distraught.

    They knew the had done wrong, and when I updated the head of the department upon my next visit, he left the room for about 10 minutes and came back with a business card for the head of the legal department for Johns Hopkins and instructed me to call that person directly if I had any concerns related to that event.

    I told him I didn’t understand why the didn’t even have a “ding-ding” bell like a hotel lobby to alert the staff – and behold – they put bells in the rooms the following week.

    Needless to say, that was the last time I have or ever will have acupuncture. I could have sued them for what they did to me and honestly, I should have – this should NEVER have happened to me!!!

    However, I realized at that time, that if I pursued my rights to file a lawsuit – NO DOCTOR WOULD EVER TREAT ME AGAIN!! — so, I sucked it up and continued other treatments all to no avail.

    After that, I was shuffled around to many doctors within their system, and finally gave up on Johns Hopkins altogether and went back to my Primary Care Physician for continued treatment.

    The medications they had me on kept getting switched in and out for various reasons, and at one point I was probably taking 8-10 different medications a day. In Apr 20003, I suffered a seizure. The seizures continued and increased, and I had Dilantin “added” to my list of daily medications. The seizures got so frequent and at times so severe depending upon the circumstances of what I was doing, where I was when it occurred. I have hit the front of my forehead, causing frontal lobe damage, which affects my short term memory even now. I had a seizure when I was driving our family minivan (luckily I was alone) and apparently went through a major lighted intersection and ended up waking laying across the front seat with the air bags deployed, having stopped halfway in the median after the lighted intersection. I have no idea if I ran a red light or not, but thankfully, no one else was injured. This is when I decided I didn’t feel comfortable to drive any longer. No doctor ever ordered me to stop driving, which now I wonder about, since I truly could have killed someone by accident as a result.

    The ending of this was that I stopped all treatment and took my self off all medications and decided to somehow learn to live with / work around the pain since my life had become so non-functional at the end. I was approved for a closed period of disability by the Social Security Administration from Nov 2000 thru Oct 2005.

    Since I chose to discontinue treatment and all medications, the pain has been somewhat less severe and I was able to function. I stopped having seizures. In all of this, once I stopped treatment and the prescription medications in 2005, moved to Florida, I have been able to function, have built up a successful career with the same company for 11 years now, and have worked my way up the ladder to second in command of our company.

    All these years, I’ve not been affected by my syndromes / illnesses until this past month. Something happened where my muscle in my back seized up on 5/23/2017 and has the constant spasm has not stopped since. The spasm is now pressing on a nerve, giving me labor contraction like pain that is unstoppable, uncontrollable and disabling. I can’t move, breathe or even cry when the nerve is being pressed. This point too was explained to each medical institution I visited.

    Since I’ve been managing my issues without doctors assistance and I have not had good insurance until just this year, I’ve never established a Primary Care Physician here in Florida. When I couldn’t move due to the pain, I went to the Urgent Care facility, and the next day when I called them complaining I was worse, they directed me to the ER since they could do no more.

    Both the Urgent Care and ER treated me with the same medications and instructions – Toridol shot IM and steroid shot IM.


    I’ve now tried a Pain Management Institution that is supposed to treat these types of severe cases seriously, but so far all they have done is give me the same medications and replaced those with 2 medications that I had taken that the Urgent Care and ER had prescribed, that are not specific for pain, but were “supposed” to help. I was given Neurontin and Zanaflex. THIS IS NOT CUTTING IT.

    I don’t understand why NO DOCTOR will treat pain anymore..

    At this point, I understand I can continue to look around for a doctor “willing” to treat pain seriously, but now I want to know what my rights are as a patient to not have to suffer needlessly for what is going on 3 weeks – with the past 5 days being constant / severe debilitating pain due to the nerve being pressed. I have been unable to even ride in a car for the past 3 days and therefore was unable to drive to work for the past 3 days as a result.

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS and I’m tired of caving in to what doctors won’t do and I want to somehow fight back, but don’t know even where to start.

    Do I have ANY options at this point, or do I just suffer, continue to suffer, and “hope” beyond hope that someone somewhere will help me?

    I’m not even sure this is a proper place to post all this, but don’t know where to turn.
  • Hello, my name is Christian, how are you today?

    I work for a local company called Hemp & Heal. We’re associated with Doctors, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists and other practitioners in the area.

    We’re out in the community weekly educating people and an array of professions on the benefits of using cannabinoids (CBD) derived from Hemp (not Marijuana) as an alternative to opiates,

    pain meds and other prescriptions.

    We have an array of products from topical rubs, salve, tinctures, capsules, edibles, and much more! Our clients have been anyone and everyone, from young children, senior citizens, and even professional athletes.

    I’d like to send some information to an office manager, or the owner if that may be you!

    I’m sure you’ll find what we have to offer is very interesting and beneficial. We supply some chocolate products as well! Hopefully in the near future we can form a synergy between our two companies that helps us help each other.

    Hope you have a great day & that we hear back from you soon!


    Christian Murray, Operations Manager H&H Lake Worth Group.
  • My name is Jay Kenny. I am a plant biologist and I specialize in cannabis. I run an advocacy website to enact Florida’s medical marijuana Amendment 2 in good faith:

    I am contacting you to inform you about our newly released executive summary, from our white paper titled ‘Estimating Florida’s medical marijuana dispensing organizations and facilities: 6 allocation methods’

    For your review, you can find the executive summary and its associated spreadsheet in our blog post on the issue, here:

    There are considerable problems with the estimated market data the Florida House and Senate are using to enact Amendment 2. The effects of those problems are inequitable access and accessibly of medical marijuana for Floridians. Additionally, the problems are unfair to businesses who wish to take part in the new medical marijuana industry.

    The main problem is the House and Senate are relying on biased estimates, and in some instances incorrect calculations and data, for the Florida medical marijuana market by the Florida Department of Health. Our work does not suffer those problems. Our work should be used, not the DOH’s biased and disingenuous estimates, when enacting Amendment 2 – and we can prove why.

    Our work estimates total MMTCs and dispensaries for the state, based on variables including estimated qualifying patients and county area. Then, we allocate those dispensaries to provide a recommended number of dispensaries per county. Finally, the distance between qualifying patients’ and their closest dispensary is reduced. The net effect is to maximize fair access and minimize travel distance to dispensaries.

    Additionally, we analyze the Florida Department of Heath’s estimates and compare them to our estimates. And among other values, we estimate total dispensary sales, minimum viability revenue for dispensaries, and state and local tax revenue.

    Our work will help advocates, reporters, scientists, MMTCs, and legislators analyze and understand the market and its supply. Using open, reliable, fair, and unbiased estimates.

    I’m contacting you in the hopes you may be interested in our work. And that you may want share it with your readers. It’s very important to get the word out to help patients in Florida.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will respond quickly. We would like to talk with you, and discuss and how I can assist your efforts. Considering my relevant field of expertise and the white paper I’m writing about now, I think I can help you. And, we are happy to provide a lot of assistance for free, so our work can have the greatest positive effect for patients.
  • Do you know if it is legal for someone on state probation to be in possession of and/or use medical marijuana.
  • Good Afternoon my name is Frank Sagliano , I am presenting our information to Your Organization for Your review. I’m sure You will see the merit in it. I can be reached my return email or by phone I am in Brevard County Fl. my number is 321 327 8087 I invite you to call with any questions You might have pertaining to the benefits of our product for Your patients , along with less expense to Your firm thank You Frank Introducing a high purity BIO-VEGANICTM grow system.

    ​After years of research our team of pro growers, microbiologists and botanical experts are proud to introduce Our biologically activated plant nutrient system – BIO-VEGANICTM Plant foods with ingredients made from plants. In fact the BIO-VEGANIC plant foods are the basis of a 4 part “all you need” growing system, and are truly next generation type plant nutrition. Providing everything plants, soils and microbes require, therefore yielding the most mineral and phytonutrient laden plants possible. These formulations are the accumulation of decades of plant and soils experience. Not only will you grow healthier plants, you will be producing more flavorful and higher purity plants – All the while maximizing the genetic potential of any strain.By using BIO-VEGANIC microbiologically activated plant foods, exposure to hitchhiker toxins is reduced, plants have a more complete nutrient uptake and the plants immune systems are supercharged, reducing the need for toxic pest controls.If you’re growing organic with animal fertilizer ingredients like fish products, blood meal or animal waste like manures and guanos, then it is almost impossible not to be concentrating some toxins in your crop. Because all animals are at or near the top of the food chain, they naturally concentrate environmental toxins in their bodies and waste products. We have a solution to those purity issues.

    We designed our BIO-VEGANIC plant foods specifically for high purity.

    If you’re growing for medical patients, you have the responsibility to make your product as pure as you can, you don’t want to add to the patients toxin load. Of course it follows that if your making medical concentrates you’re potentially concentrating the toxin load even more. That is the last thing we want to do to a patient who is already sick! Regardless if you believe in eating vegetarian or not, we can generally all agree that the lower the toxin load in our medications is a good thing.

    Commercial growers and concentrate manufacturers are increasingly facing state regulations as to pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins. Our BIO-VEGANIC plant nutrient system is designed for today’s ever increasingly competitive and regulated market requirementsGrow with BIO-VEGANICTM plant nutrient system!

    An easy to use, 4 part “all you need” veganic nutrient system – not just a compost tea.

    - Bio-Veganic Soil Supercharger

    - Bio-Veganic Grow

    - Bio-Veganic Bloom

    - Bio-Veganic Foliar

    Provide your patients and customers the very best in potency, purity and flavor withBIO-VEGANIC’s biologically activated vegan plant nutrient system.

    - Yield high purity finished product.

    - Yield maximum patient and customer satisfaction.

    - Maximize trichome production of any strain naturally.

    - Maximize flavor without refined flavoring additives.Designed by pro-growers, microbiologists & plant food specialists

    for todays ever increasingly regulated market requirements
  • What can I do to make sure that our state has one of the best cannabis programs Not failed over priced government crap. It looks like politics are stone walling the program and jerking up cost wile failing in quality and quanity. I want to make shure were not a laughing stockkkkkk with dirt weed.
  • This message is for Ben at United hey Ben my name is Eric Gorseth and I would like to open up a dispensary for medical marijuana I was told by Morgan and Morgan law firm to contact you please give me a call at 7146849112. Look forward to speaking to you
  • Looking to open a dispensary would like information ASAP and other possible business opportunity is concerning this
  • Looking to open A dispensary Need info. ASAP
  • Hello,

    My name is Ty Hicks, and I serve as the Executive Vice President of Young Americans for Liberty Foundation, a 501c3 educational non-profit.

    We have an organized presence on over 900 college campuses in the U.S. and serve a network of 300,000 people.

    We are currently organizing our biggest event of the year – our invite-only 9th Annual National Convention.

    In previous years we’ve hosted celebrities such as Vince Vaughn and Penn Jillette, pundits such as Judge Andrew Napolitano, former presidential candidates Ron Paul and Rand Paul, and numerous sitting Senators and Congressmen.

    I believe your organization could get a huge value add from establishing a presence at this event and tapping into our network.

    Who is the best person at United For Care to speak with further about this?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I am educated with a Bachelors in Engineering and working on my Masters. I also am a Veteran with a outstanding service record and want to help. Registerd Republican and always referred to as the most liberal conservative ever. The way this is begin handled in the Florida Legislature is the largest insult to Florida Democracy I have ever seen. Since when do we vote yes on something and they come back with well we still don’t like it. I want to help fight, I am a very powerful public speaker and debater. They have zero evidence or opposition. Governer Scott with his “I have seen first hand what alcohol and drugs does to a family” argument holds zero value in my presence with a mother who has been adicted to Meth Amphetamines for 15 years and all her kids have college degrees, are productive members of society, and we had a broken family. I suffer from PTSD and have a cocktail of pills that make me feel like dirt and unhealthy. One of which is a narcotic, is addictive, and CAN KILL YOU!!!
  • Why is your website so outdated? Amendment 2 has passed and the legislature has failed to act. The information we need now is- 1. who is responsible for crafting the med. marijuana law? 2. how can we, as advocates, lobby for the best and less restrictive laws? 3. how can we ensure conditions that were supposedly going to be covered (ie, glaucoma), get included.
  • After carefully evaluation of the last day of the legislature I have to conclude that it was Ben Pollar and his lobbying that screwed us. He should be fire for his useless intervention. He did a lot of good things for the past few years but at the last hour ………*#%$&$&$ us.
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