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  • I will donate Bitcoins anonymously but you must take a short time and no money to set your site up to accept them.
  • This kind of needs an explanation……. Don’t you think.

    The woman has Alzheimers. How is she making decisions of this consequence if she’s afflicted?

    She could probably benefit form weed. Check it out…… fishy.

    Publix founder’s daughter fights pot amendment
  • This kind of needs an explanation……. Don’t you think.

    The woman has Alzheimers. How is she making decisions of this consequence if she’s afflicted?

    She could probably benefit form weed. Check it out…… fishy.

    Publix founder’s daughter fights pot amendment
  • I very much want to vote YES especially after being prescribed in another state for 3 years, but I am finding it difficult to allow GOVERNMENT to decide what is best for me medically. The qualifications to obtain Florida Medical Marijuana is too limiting to help as many people who do and could benefit from it.
  • I would like to donate but would not like my bank or credit card company to know or to take a fee from either of us. I would like to donate anonymously. Do you accept Bitcoin? if so i can send money and no one will ever know who sent it. Bitcoin is easier to receive than credit card payments and costs nothing to set up.
  • Who can I follow up with to get the Yes on 2 Message across in Tampa Bay with public affairs shows and radio advertising? We have a delivery mechanism of 6 radio stations reaching over 1 million people each week that are: young adults 18-49, Hispanics of all Ethnicities, African Americans; Adults 35 -54 and seniors (on Country & Classic Hits) business influencers on our Financial Station; and Men 35+ on Guy Talk and Rock Radio. Write back. Thank you! Julie
  • In 2012 I left Florida traveling to Colorado for one reason – attain a better quality of life using cannabis; for the since arriving, I detoxed myself off every opioids I had been using for 15 years. Today, I only use Cannabis to manage my pain; for the most part, I am more active, feel better and live a better quality of life. I have utilized my time wisely learning how to grow, make cannabutter and the most fabulous savory and sweet edible dishes in the State of Colorado; however, becasue my family lives in Florida I have decided to return in the next few months. I have valuable knowledge to bring back to the State of Florida, its important residents understand the difference between THC, CBD & CBN; along with, how to use it safely and moderately. I would love to volunteer as soon as I return to help bring medical cannabis to other disability patients like me looking to manage pain safely and effectively.
  • What percentage do we need to win this time
  • I would like to share a post on the use of CBD Oil for the wife of a friend of mine who has early onset Alzheimer’s. A true testament to what medical marijuana can do! Keep pushing for this!

    I’m Leni’s Law Project- Alabama

    My beautiful wife Kathy is an Alzheimer’s Patient, and we live in McCalla, Alabama.

    THERE WAS NO HOPE! Hospice had told me, because of her inability to swallow, that we had about 4 months left in this very long and painful 9 year battle and that I needed to get our affairs in order. Kathy’s doctors said they did not object to the use of CBD Oil.

    Look at my wife in the picture. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met and the best wife any man could ask for! The last year has been the most challenging after moving into Stage 7 of this terrible disease! At that point they are totally dependent on the caregiver (me) and doesn’t even know she had a husband or what my name was. Didn’t matter, I had vowed that she would never see the inside of a nursing home as long as i was drawing a breath! In fact, it is an Honor to take care of her 24/7! I had also promised her, i would never quit searching for anything that would help. So, at this stage my options were certainly running out. I was down to CBD Oil, which I knew little about or an Embrionc Stem Cell Implant which is extremely expensive, about $50,000, and may not even begin to work. The choice of course was a no brainier. Try CBD Oil First!

    THE RESULTS: I am an optimistic person by nature, but I have to admit that, I wasn’t sure how a little bottle was going to replace a whole basket of drugs, that did not accomplish a thing without triggering other problems, which they have a pill for also! Anyway, Saturday morning that little bottle came in the mail. I had not given my wife her morning medication yet which I had to crush and the fight to get down her. So, I decided we would just drop the Depakote before giving her CBD, and not give the Hydrocodone unless she indicated she was in pain. That morning she was having slight Myoclonic seizures, which was not unusual.

    Four hours after giving her the first dose of oil (that was almost 4 days ago) she has not had as much as a twitch since that time. She also has not needed any kind of pain medication! Things started happening that the doctors said was not possible. Her mental clarity has become amazing! She started talking again and has not shut up since! Music to my ears! She has not been able to talk very much at all. It is like she has all things she has wanted to say stored up in her head and is finally able to get it out. I can understand about 70% of it right now and it improves every day. That is just a very, very small sample of what is happening here.

    I am excited beyond myself ..THERE IS HOPE!

    By The Way, I was walking thru the living room Sunday and Kathy said, “Hey Robert…..I Love You Baby” I haven’t heard that in 8 months.

    Kathy and Robert are Leni’s Law

  • Thank you for your great work! I and my partner, Tom Murphy, have both contributed.

    I’m hearing conflicting speculation about potential regulations requiring vertical integration.

    Please tell me UfC’s position on vertical integration. Again, thank you for all you are doing.
  • My dog was just diagnosed with cancer and as part of my research, medicinal marijuana for pets kept popping up all over the place. Why hasn’t this been publicized at all? People need to be made aware of the benefits for their ailing animals as well.
  • Colorado is in the process of phasing out medical, and I would love to speak with the organizers to let you know what patient protections need to be included when creating this legislation for Florida. Many of the kids you saw on TV, are now struggling to find an affordable source for their medicine, and some have already lost access.
  • Please send me a campaign packet

    I can start right away….
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    Mr Morgan (also Lying & Crooked),

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  • Not sure if you’re aware, but this page on your website has all this lady’s personal info displayed to the public. Here is the link…

    It’s on the page that lists veterans that support MM.
  • Contact
  • I sent an email to UFC and got a response. I replied to the email and got this: : host said:

    The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.

    Is this by design, do you not want to explore advertising opportunities?
  • Is there a contact number I can call? Someone please co tact me- I need help with my city counsel in port orange Florida…. And this is the closest org.
  • Im the founder of the magazine “The Southeast Leaf” Florida’s premier informative cannabis magazine. I have a story about your campaign I’d like to show you before I publish it. please get in touch with me as soon as possible
  • Hey Now,

    Your invited to read our new white paper titled “The Art and Science of Cannabis Beverages” released this week at Bevnet Live. It provides an exclusive behind the scenes look at commercial manufacturing of cannabis beverages (non-alcoholic).

    Please visit our website for more info, view this press release and/or click the link to request this paper:

  • My name is Vlad Beserius Draculea I am a 2016 presidential candidate registered with the FEC. I would like to talk with your organization

    Please call me anytime.
  • I haven’t seen this in any of your communications and I think it is important to let people know about this decision as it is a major change for the use of medical marijuana.

    House Votes to Let VA Doctors Recommend Marijuana Week of May 30, 2016

    Last week, the House endorsed a proposal which would allow VA doctors to discuss the use of medical marijuana with patients. The measure by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) had been offered previously as an amendment to an annual spending bill for the VA and military construction projects without success, but this time it passed on a 233-189 vote. Currently 24 states, along with the District of Columbia, have passed laws allowing access to medical marijuana to treat conditions including anxiety and traumatic brain injury. Fourteen of those states authorize doctors to recommend medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. “I think it is the right thing to do for our veterans, to be able to treat them equitably, to enable them to have access to the doctor who knows them the best, giving them better treatment and saving them money,” said Blumenauer.
  • I would like to be on your veterans list. I am on your email list currentiy
  • Shouldn’t the State pay for Court Costs for Medical Marijuana Lawsuit in 2012?

    They Have to pay for the Costs for the Gay Marriage lawsuit?
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