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  • DHS/CUO ?????? THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM PASSING OUT FOOD STAMP CARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ?? OMG
  • REDICILOUS …..truing to get your card from this state ….OMG

    even mailed a passport photo and still got rejected ….is there no help -out there for us….
  • I live in Fl I had my appt on June 19 of this year with Canna Med. I sent in my paperwork that week. The office of compassion care sent it back because they didn’t like my picture. I had another passport picture taken and mailed it in on July 10. The doctor left Canna med but did renew my script. I call the compassion care office everyday and get told many things. I was told that it doesn’t have my papperwork, they have it but they are to busy, told me I have the wrong number, they will let their supervisor know. When I ask to speak with the supervisor I am told I can’t because they dont speak with the patient. So I have had two prescriptions and unable to use it. I have called Canna Med for help and was told that I couldn’t get my money back. I went to Knox and they said to come in when my paperwork is accepted. I am a disabled Vet and not getting answer. What can I do!
  • I received my patient recommendation 7 months ago turned in my application 7 months ago with my payment and still have not received my card to receive my medicine. I have paid over $400 now and nothing!!! I have sent multiple emails to the state and have made multiple phone calls to the state all of the phone calls of which I waited at least 45 minutes to finally speak to someone for 2 minutes to tell me they can’t help me? I would also like to join the class action lawsuit against the State of Florida for not allowing smokable marijuana. They took away my pain meds because I tested positive for marijuana so now I live with pain constantly everyday without any relief!
  • Hello Team! thank you so much for all your hard work and diligence with this lifesaving movement! as an experienced volunteer in the CA medical marijuana industry, I have lots of B2B knowledge and am current on the legislature. I would love to help in any way possible. Furthermore I feel that if we in FL were able to justify reciprocity with CA laws, we could potentially see the access that patients deserve. I understand that this is a tall order, but this can be a possibility with enough feet on the ground
  • The state of Florida has had my application for five weeks. It’s hard to get through on their phone number.
  • need doctor in jacksonville to prescibe have cancer & glucoma
  • need doctor to prescibe cancer & glucoma
  • I would like to join the class action suit against the state of Florida for not allowing smokeable marijuana
  • looking for a appointment i called and left messages i have seizures anxiety and stomach canceri have all my paper work amnd morgan and morgan to me to call you guys please call me anytime
  • Looking for update on case filed by John Morgan July 6 about the no smoking in private issue. What county was the case filed in so records can be looked up online?
  • So. The amendment passed. The legislature totally screwed it up. No smoking in public so no smoking in private. But deadly cigarettes are all okay, smoke away. WTF, by the lawmakers own logic. No pooping in public, means no pooping in private. Better hold it, no pooping in Florida. And since public restrooms are ‘public’ places, forget about going there either.

    Now the news has just fallen off the planet. No reports, no debates, no updates. What about the case John Morgan filed July 6 against the State? What county was it filed in so the court records can be looked up? What about the case number?
  • I am trying to find out as I have a carry permit for my gun and if I get a Medical Marijuana for my disease will I go to jail having both? Someone was tell me I could. Please does anyone know the answer?
  • I am currently being treated for Stage Four metatastic prostate/bone cancer. All my treatments thus far have occurred in NY for family support reasons though I live in Orlando. I have been prescribed oral medical marijuana in NY and am curious if this prescription can be filled in FL. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time.
  • please call me ASAP
  • Hello My name is Gary Simpson. I have been a licensed medical producer for over 17 years. We would like to provide accredited medical treatment for patients at a reasonable price that patients can afford. We will provide you with all information that you require in this movement! This is about quality of life for patients that they reach. We have been in Florida awaiting the political people to legitimize the laws and they once again have been positioned by their donators! When will the American people put a stop to this " for profit only mentality of the political powers ". This is about quality of life, NOT profit driven. Please have appropriate people contact us via phone and allow us to help this movement follow the direction the people want. When you have the medically accredited research from both the medical and scientific fields to substantiate individual claims of relief. Shame on shareholders! They only are considering profit not social well being! Let them meet charlotte, Stephan, Julie, John, George or many more who have gone from daily seizures and convulsions to one a month or even less.!?
  • Hi John,

    I’m a national reporter for BuzzFeed News. I’d like to schedule an interview with you for as soon as possible regarding your lawsuit. Are you free Thursday, July 27? Let me know the best way to reach you.

    Thanks for your time,

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  • Hi, I sent an email to Morgan Morgan and they said to reach ou to you. I’m currently on probation for a non-drug relatated situation and I was wondering if there is any provision/case law and or guidance on wether a person on probation is allowed to use medical cannabis as along as they have MJ card? I know there is case law in CA and Colorado that does allow someone on probation to use medical cannibis. I would appreciate it if you can give me any guidance or assistance with this matter. Thank you.
  • If someone has lost their their license revoked permanently and goes for a hardship license in Florida, they are denying the hardship license. WHAT CAN I DO? If it is MEDICAL, wouldn’t it BE LEGAL ti get State Driving Privledge
  • My name is Latif Benik and I’m the General Partner of The Lotion Company LLC. We produce and distribute a CBD infused lotion to treat joint and muscle pain. I’m an arthritis sufferer and we have a program that donates our lotion to those in need. We’re open to suggestions and support in identifying entities that would fulfill that effort such as Veterans Rehabilitation Organizations, Convalescent Hospitals, Long term care facilities, etc. Please feel free to contact me at with your input.
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