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  • Please tell me how i can help. I am a stroke survivor. I am walking and talking. I live in Jacksonville FL. I would imagine that I would be good at talking to senior citizens about the positive facts of marijuana. I am 61 years old. I drive and have my own car. Please let me know
  • I just read the article in the Orlando Sentinel, entitled “Yes on Amendment 2: So many people in pain will finally gain relief” Kudos to you, John Morgan! You are some kind of saint, and for myself and many, many others, a voice in the evil, primitive wilderness that is “law and order” in our country today!

    Like a multitude of people in our once great country, I suffer ailments that could quickly, easily, and harmlessly be eradicated with just a small dose of cannabis each and every day. After hard lessons learned in turning to the medical industry, I have completely turned up my nose at their toxic, addictive, and more-than-useless pharmaceutical prescriptions. I feel certain that is why I am still alive today. As the decades have rolled by, I have watched in horror and disbelief at the government’s vilifying of a harmless herb given to us by God Almighty.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I am not so mentally deficient after years of consuming pot that I fail to catch the obvious reasons for all the demonization. Not only of the substance, but all those who would dare to defy the government’s stance on this God-given remedy for so many ailments. The harm to big pharma and all the rest of the large corporate entities controlled by the elite would obviously suffer tremendous losses, should the American “sheeple” finally wake up and do the humane thing.

    Your work is downright angelic…your cause noble. Consider now that you should broaden the scope of your efforts. Complete legalization, across the board, would literally change the world for the better. In its “recreational” use, pot is often compared to alcohol and tobacco, each of which takes its toll in the form of hundreds of thousands of deaths annually. Even this fact fails to address all the suffering the use of these substances exacts on not only the users, but their friends and families as well. Marijuana enjoys a spot free record of causing zero deaths or disabilities. Far from being the “gateway drug” that the PTB have attributed marijuana as being, it actually is a “way out” for folks who get caught up in the addiction of doctor-prescribed opioids and other harmful substances. in States that have legalized cannabis, the numbers prove that prescription pain-killers are in major decline. The proof is now right out there in plain sight, and is absolutely undeniable. Undeniable, unless of course you are the DEA, as was made so glaringly evident when the agency recently maintained pot’s status as a class one “narcotic”. LOL! Since when is a non-addictive herb a narcotic, anyways?

    All the medicinal qualities aside, what about all the other legitimate uses of the plant? After many years as a high-end automotive technician and garage-owner, I have remained skeptical of the fact that we must maintain a dependency on major oil to keep our cars and trucks rolling. Hemp oil is a wonderful alternative. An absolutely zero carbon footprint says only part of that story. Engines burning hemp oil run cooler, stay cleaner, and get better mileage than they do running on gasoline or diesel. In this country, automobile engines were originally designed to burn hemp oil. Before there were gasoline stations, (because gasoline had not yet been invented) Henry Ford’s own marijuana fields supplied not only the fuel for those early Model T’s, but also the oil to produce the hemp-plastic for their body panels. Hmm, why didn’t we learn this in school?

    Other hemp resources include hempcrete for building our houses. Instead of becoming rotten and decrepit after about fifty years, our housing would still be gaining in strength after literally hundreds of years, as the hempcrete petrifies. The walls would breathe and remain fresh even as they gained strength, as well. As food, cannabis is a great way to get your protein and many other nutrients. Having a balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids helps us to maintain our mental equilibrium, actually preventing “road rage” types of episodes (as tested in our prison system). Cannabis contains that exact balance, as if God actually custom-tailored the plant to our needs! (Gee, do ya think? LOL!) Pot makes superior paper products, without requiring all the toxic materials needed for processing wood pulp from trees. This alternative would, along with hempcrete, virtually put a halt to all the clear-cutting of trees on our planet. Ever hate to have to throw away a much-loved article of clothing because it just wore out after a couple or three years? A shirt made of hemp fiber has a good chance of being in the same wardrobe for fifty years or more. All the uses of this plant can’t begin to be explored in this message!

    All things considered, if we were to trade in our dependencies on opioids, petroleum and synthetic materials , paper mills, junk foods, inferior building materials, and much, much more, for a dependency on a God-given plant called cannabis…



    Thank you for taking the time to read this message!

  • Not as long as “For My Wallet” is behind this.
  • I am appalled that your most vocal supporter (John Morgan) held a fundraiser at his home for our enemy Hillary Clinton. Hillary has often commented on MMJ and she is dead set against it for any reason. As long as you continue to have supporters like John Morgan I am not interested in your org. period!!
  • Hello,

    I am from Florida, and I have been waiting for medical marijuana to be legal in Florida my entire life! I have moved to various states around the country where medical marijuana is legal to learn everything about marijuana. I am currently a caregiver in Maine, and I am proficient in everything cannabis. I have over 10 years of cannabis sales, growing, production, manufacturing, cannabis extraction, and edibles making experience. I know what it takes to open and operate a successful medical marijuana business. I am contacting you today to figure out how I can best position myself for medical marijuana in Florida. I will be moving back to Florida in November to continue pursuing my passion for cannabis. I want to open a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center because being a caregiver just is not enough. I’ve been a caregiver for 2 years in Maine, and without a retail store and access to an unlimited amount of patients, operating is very difficult. I want to bring my skill set, knowledge, and expertise to the Florida Medical Marijuana program. How can I best position myself to receive on of the licenses to operate an MMTC? Can I do anything now? I don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to bring affordable, high quality medicine to the patients of Florida. Thank you.


    Tyler Deken

  • We’re can I get a yes on amendment 2 sigh I’m in treasure coast Florida my diagnose is severe depression bi polar any help would be appreciated for a yard sign thank you
  • I have had four strokes that I believe with all my heart was caused by either prozac and or depakote…I know I can’t prove it I’m just looking to inform those who will listen. I believe that the very fact I toke weed kept this body from stroking out…, one wonders if a person has two strokes why a hospital would send a patient home telling her to keep taking a drug that could cause stroke….. i left the hospital again after two more strokes, on December 24,2015,,,, not one Pharmaceutical other than Tylenol has gone into this body or ever will go into this body again. I’m a strong healthy vegan woman who loves life… Hope y’all get the votes you need to make what God gave us legal. PS don’t forget to pass along a smile today.. Someone may really need it😇🌻
  • I am a reporter for News 13 in the central Florida area. Do you have any organizers or spokespersons in the Kissimmee area? We are contemplating a story on amendment 2 within Osceola County.

    Thank you.

    Please call or text me at: 407-721-7637

    Or Email me at:
  • Hi I wanted to get in touch with the campaign leader for lee county. I’m a organic cannabis specialist who’s moved back full time for November. We also just closed on a new farm in alva florida. I’m hoping to help out get this passed n be a speaker for lee county. I work with veterans also and work with a local group of vets. Please get in contact with me so we can work hard together to pass this november.
  • Hi there,

    My name is Anne and I am a freelance writer. Just now I found your site – and liked what I saw. If it’s ok, I’d love to contribute to it in some way.

    A little about me, I worked in business management in the healthcare industry after studying literature. On becoming a mother, I took a step back and decided to indulge my love of writing. Since then I’ve written on a wide variety of subjects.

    Anything I write for you will be tailored toward your site and what your site’s readers want to see. If I can mention a partner, then I’m very happy to write something original and unique for you. Please let me know your thoughts and any guidelines/ideas you have.

    Best Regards,

  • Please forward to us contact information for advertising / marketing. We are ILUM – Florida’s Leader in Mobile Billboard Advertising. We want to discuss Mobile Billboard Advertising and we can customize routes to generate attention for voters. You can call ILUM at 844.344.4586 ILUM – Florida’s Leader in Mobile Billboard Advertising
  • Here we go again. I’ve contributed about six times. I tried to do it again and nothing. I hit the “contribute” link, and it returns to the list of contributors. I only mention this in case it’s happening to others. Don Goodlin
  • I want to be a pollworker.
  • Could you please email me a Final Conference schedule,with description of events, and presenters. Thank you, jim funk
  • Weediquette. Watch this for those who want to know all needed re the truth about medical marijuana. .including growing. Selling.
  • Hello, I am interested in opening a dispensary or a grow facility in Florida. I am having trouble finding guidelines on how to start it legally. Is there anyway you could point me in the correct direction to taking on this task legally? Information on zoning, licenses, anything really to help me get the ball rolling would be greatly appreciated thank you ;)
  • Please let me know who I should speak with regarding print advertising in Brevard County’s only publication to the African American and Caribbean communities, Ebony News Today. Last week I mailed a media kit to John Morgan. You can call me at 321.728.8944. Barbara Sealy Rhoden, VP Marketing & Advertising, Ebony News Today.
  • I’m interested in finding out if this will allow patients to grow for themselves? I don’t see anyway I can discover this from the information on this site. also, I don’t see any ads, conversation, etc regarding all of the studies by academic institutions and other countries. nor any of the stats from the states that have legalized. why isn’t that kind of informing occurring?
  • Does ANYONE there care that KIM MCCRAY posted an inaccurate statement on a cheesy, cheap looking website ( which claims that MM won’t get you high no matter how much THC is in it?

    That is an INACCURATE statement which is now being used by the VOTE NO clowns as a very convincing argument that UNITED FOR CARE is INTENTIONALLY posting inaccurate info!

    Does ANYBODY there care about getting this amendment passed?

    SOMEONE needs to FIX THIS! NOW!!!

    I’ve been trying for FOUR DAYS to get someone there to fix this but so far I have been ignored.

  • Not as long as “For My Wallet” is involved
  • To help get the word out about the advantages of medical marijuana there’s a great show on the new tv network VICELAND called “Weediquette.” Tell everybody about it.

    It covers all topics concerning the legalization of medical marijuana and the full legalization of marijuana. Several of the episodes covered the use of medical marijuana by specific people for specific diseases. It’s very compelling, informative, factual, responsible reporting. Check it out. You’ll like it.

    The new season starts Aug 31 and the episode should be extremely compelling. It deals mostly with the medical marijuana issue and the types and ages of folks using it and for what purposes. It should help confused voters gain a thoughtful perspective on the valuable advantages of medical marijuana.

    Check it out. Good tv.
  • Today I notice a friend on Facebook re-posting a negative marijuana article from Allen west’s webpage. I am writing a rebuttal because this person lives in Florida. My gripe is that I attempt to find the original ballot language pdf to include in my comment and find it non-existent on your page. Yes I know, you have the language on a webpage, but I read everything with suspicion on the web. There is no way for someone to know that your page is completely true. There is an easy solution which I will be using in my public comment. It is of the utmost importance that voters understand the provisions. Most do not.

    I suppose you’ll find it unnecessary, but it is fairly easy to add to the ballot language page.

    I already get email updates.
  • “Medical-grade marijuana alone will not get that patient ‘high,’ no matter what level of THC, CBD or any other compound is found in the plant.” Not sure where you made this statement, but it’s incorrect and I see PolitiFact has already called you out on it. Only near non-existent levels of THC will make this true. If they can spot the error, so can everyone else. It does not help your cause.
  • Does UNITED FOR CARE have a Kim Mcray as a representative?

    I suspect that anti cannabis propagandists have posted an article in her name, is there such a person?

    And if so, did she just post an article in

    And if so, did she really just say that MM won’t get a person high, no matter how much THC is in it?

    And if so, why would she say such a thing? MM DOES get a person high of the THC content is high!

    Please tell me that she didn’t really say that?!?

    This is a compelling review of scientific research on medical marijuana.
  • We are running the World Congress for Medical Marijuana and want to invite you to be there. April 20-22. WWW.CCCREGISTER.COM Please contact me. Melonie Kotchey, Chief Operating Officer, Compassionate Certification Center’s.
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