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  • I live in California where medical marijuana is legal. While I do not smoke, I do have a lot of chronic pain from arthritis and prior injuries. have found that a marijuana topical cream is an incredible anti-inflammatory and works for almost any joint pain — especially knees. Relief generally comes within minutes of application and lasts for days. There is no possibility of abusing this form of marijuana. It has no side effects, is not addictive and provides incredible benefits. While the drug companies will lose billions if this is legalized, many millions of people will get a very affordable and effective pain killer (a jar for me costs $20 and lasts for about 6 months). During a time when prescription pain-killer abuse and heroine addition is growing, why not give people an option that will only help deal with many forms of chronic pain and cannot hurt them in any way. I am pushing Congress to make this legal on a national basis as part of the current efforts to stop opiate abuse. Please help.
  • I have had 6 back surgeies and need another one I have a bad liver so they can"t do back surgery or I will die on the tale.Both hips feplaced 2 times I fell and shattered hy houmrous bone in my left elbow and i have a bar in my left wrist. I have had my spleene taken out because of ITP and I am now not able to get pain meds becauseI smoke weed sometimes I have been turned down by several doctors and this makes me mad I voted YES on 2 lst time we voted now the pot should not be so high people can not afford it. I think it does not hurt you it helps the mind deal with the pain so yes I will be voteing yes again in November


    John Doe.


    if I was able to I would volunteer this year.
  • I am ALL for Medical Marijuana; I have many medical problems that drugs have harmful side-affects and only Marijuana can help and it has NO side effects! But Like many other States, it is a BIG JOKE!! Either it takes the State months and months to final let people get it; it limits what strength it is and cost way too much to buy. A few States allow you to grow your own and have an ample supply on hand. There is a more than a 75% chance that Florida will NOT allow this! So I don’t really care if it is passed or not!! They complain that this is a pill State; well give us the Medical Maj and it won’t be. Here in Ocala the Doctors rather see you suffer than give you pain pills!! I myself trying to move out of the hellish State; been here since 1979 and it just gets worse. So no offense, but you are wasting your time, the Governor is an ASS and the politicians are getting a kickback from the drugs company to KEEP drugs here not the Medical Maj!!! Maybe I can see this happening in about 10 years from now; my health can’t wait!!!
  • #melthemoocher

    Dear Mr Morgan,

    Children are raped and tortured by Melvin Sembler at “Straight Inc.”

    This 3 minute video explains how these children were abused and actually tortured while Melvin Sembler used “toilet privileges” to punish kids.

    Melvin Sembler punishes the girls by forcing them to wear “Humble Pants” for a month, which are soiled underwear with dried menstrual blood.

    Shocking “Humble Pants” Punishment Video

    Dirty soiled children’s underwear and controlling toilet “privileges”, that’s Melvin Sembler’s area of expertise!
  • Ben. There are criminals vending battery, preventing the medical use. If we, in fact, attack that genre, our rebuttles end.


  • Dear Mr Morgan,

    When you recently mentioned that Melvin Sembler #melthemooch is notorious for torturing children at his abusive program “Straight Inc.” you reminded me of another abusive Florida program for kids operated by Melvin Sembler called “The Seed”.

    Will you be revealing any more shocking details describing the abuse inflicted on Florida children by Melvin Sembler for profit?
    Here are more SHOCKING VIDEO of the child victims being abused at “The Seed”,

    another Jim Jones style “program” operated by Melvin Sembler right here in Florida.

    The camera zooms in on the terrified faces of the individual children who are too afraid to ask the camera crew to help them, exactly like the frightened faces seen in the films of Jim Jones and his People’s Temple.


    “The Seed”

    Melvin Sembler – Art Barker – Charlie Crist

    Un-Edited Film Reel

    Pt 1

    Pt 2—84Hak

    Pt 3

    And here are the shocking child torture videos of Melvin Sembler’s “Straight Inc.”

  • Wondering when is the next United for care meeting in Miami Florida.
  • Dear Mr Morgan,

    You recently mentioned that Melvin Sembler is notorious for torturing children in Florida.

    Here is the video evidence to back up your claims.

    This victim’s chilling testimonial is a first hand account of the sadistic methods Melvin Sembler used to torture his pre-teen and young adult victims in his Jim Jones style cult “The Seed” and “Straight Inc.”

  • I wanted to know if there is any information as far as to requirements for MMTC licensing. Seems to me that if cannabis is going to be used as medicine it should be prescribed by a doctor and dispensed by a licensed pharmacist. I cant find anywhere that this type of mandate exist. Any information your organization might have will be helpful. Thanks
  • Hi— I’m a torture victim of Melvin Sembler looking to get in touch with John Morgan. Can someone help? Thanks!

    FDLE Officer DAVID SARNEY and his partner came to my home and told me that they “work for Melvin Sembler” and they threatened to take me “to Melvin Sembler for more torture”.

    Why did Officer David Sarney and his partner say they “work for Melvin Sembler”?

    Why did Officer David Sarney and his partner say they are taking me “to Melvin Sembler for more torture”?

    Officer David Sarney and his partner are saying that Melvin Sembler tortured me in the past, and they threatened me with “more torture”.

    It is considered an “act of torture” when a police officer threatens to use “torture” on anybody.

    Officer David Sarney and his partner tortured me after they referenced torture that I had suffered in the past.

    Officer David Sarney and his partner said Melvin Sembler tortured me in the past and that they are taking me “to Melvin Sembler for more torture” because they both “work for Melvin Sembler”.

    (Officer David Sarney shot an unarmed child with his shotgun and also shot a police officer with a shotgun).
  • I want to help/volunteer. My wife and I will be moving to Florida but only if medical marijuana is lawful and (preferably) it can be home grown. How can I help while still living in Chicago?
  • Will John Morgan’s keynote at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo be available for viewing on United for Care’s site? Thank you
  • I am a native of Pensacola, Fl who has lived here my entire life besides the 9 years I spent in the military. Could you please help me with roadside signs so that i can post them throughout my city. Thank you!!!

  • Hello, I have joined and contributed to this cause and been advocate of the legalization process in Florida since the first vote was conducted. We have a small online CBD web site business and we are growing. My concern is that near The Villages, Fl. there is little advertising concerning education of Medical MJ or CBD Hemp Oil products. We have been doing our best to educate the retired people here and there are over 275,000.00 in The Village alone. We could use some help in getting them to vote for Admin.#2 and with education. I have tried to have an article that I wrote published in The Daily Sun, but they will not allow me to do this. They say they will cover it when it gets closer to the vote. WE NEED YOUR HELP IN GETTING THE WORD OUT TO VOTERS HERE PLEASE.
  • Hi— I’m a reporter with Politico looking to get in touch with John Morgan. Can someone help? Thanks!
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