Cartel Lawyer: My Clients Don't Know the MMJ Business

From Ben Pollara and Florida for Care:

What Barry Richard, lawyer for CHT Medical - the currently licensed marijuana grower that recently announced its sale to a Canadian company - actually told the Miami Herald was even more revealing and damning:

“They haven’t dealt with major distribution systems. They haven’t dealt with complex statutory regulations...I know the Legislature wants companies that can operate successfully. I think it’s to everybody’s benefit to bring in companies that know how to manage a distribution business.”

 Wow. Just wow.

There are currently 7 growers in Florida to supply what could be a half million patients. One of those 7 just admitted they don't know what they're doing.

And HB 1397 proposes (1) to maintain the flawed, bad for patients, cartel-style system for the foreseeable future and (2) at 150k patients issue 5 more licenses to the companies that scored even lower than CHT and the other current growers.

Wow. Just wow.

Folks, we've got 8 days left to fix this. We need your help.

Make a donation today and help Florida for Care break up the cartels and implement a medical marijuana law that puts patients before profits.

It's never been more critical.


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