Another $500k against us.

Just days after we announced we secured a massive, $1 million donation in support of Amendment 2, we received news that Sheldon Adelson, billionaire owner of the Venetian, Bellagio, and other casinos, came in with another $500,000 against us. 

As some of you have noted, they are running ads across the state—trying to do what they did in 2014.

Our only defense is to run ads ourselves—which we are doing in select markets, where we can afford to, to the voters most likely to be undecided or uncertain.

But the only way we can be sure of victory is to run in more places, more often—and for that we simply need more money.

We have asked and asked, but many of you who can give, haven't yet.  We need you to jump in here.

If you've donated already, and are in a position to donate even a small amount again, please do so here.

Every poll shows us winning 6-14%, but we would be foolish to believe that their advertising won't have an affect. 


Please donate here.

- Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager

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  • Teresa Frey
    I have leukemia cll (the “good kind”) but I suffer almost daily with sever bone pain and nausea. I can’t take prescription pain pills cause they make me very sick. I take Dramamine daily which is bad for my liver. I am losing weight cause I have no appetite and have to force myself to eat. I can’t donate money to help this cause and I can’t do tests needed because I can’t afford it. If making this legal with help with may bone pain and neausea I would be so grateful. What can I do other than donate. Oh, and my car is no longer reliable. I stuck.. my husband thinks I’m anorexic but I tell him I’m not I just have no appetite. But I do make myself eat. I’m just frustrated. This needs to get passed I need something other than pharmaceutical drugs. Yes on 2
  • Dan Wietzel
    Big Pharma would like to keep pushing opiates to everyone that needs medicine for pain and other aliments simply because they make billions of dollars with these products. I say it’s about time for an alternative. I suffer from chronic pain in a way that it effects me 24 hours a day. I have been on these drugs for several years, (17). I am certain that they are slowly killing me when at the same time, my pain still shines through. How shameful. Marijuana has been a godsend. It not only allows me to do things I haven’t been able to do in years, but do them pain free. Vote yes on 2. Please let’s get this “natural” pain relief medicine in the hands of everyone that suffer. The stigma has got to stop. I need to be painless legally. The good in this wonderful medicine outweigh the bad by far. Let’s put the “black” on the eye of a major drug dealer that has been getting away with cruelty to humans for so long. Thank you so very much for reading.
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