238 days until election day.

Today may be election day - but it is not OUR election day. For that, we have 238 days to go. 

I'm long past hope that the issue of medical marijuana can be solved by politicians. At a state level, Tallahassee has failed us time and time again. This last session only underscored how the legislature simply won't get this done. 

Borrowing liberally from Bill O'Reiley... We'll do it live!  (In November.)

In the meantime—we need to raise enormous amounts of money to make sure we can defend ourselves in case a certain out of state billionaire gets involved again, as he's indicated. 

Please help us reach our new goal of 1000 donations between March 1st and April 30th by contributing here.  

- Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care


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  • Morgan and Pollara completely sold out on this version of Amendment 2- the 2014 version was the best yet most Floridians have been sold down the river by these two and their lack of a backbone to proceed with a substantive provision. As stated in the article, “…opposition to the proposal has waned.” The 2014 attempt was the first effort during a mid-germ election cycle- there is no doubt that a second effort during a general election year would have succeeded in its original form.

    I won’t bother to vote for the restricted version as I don’t expect to see future substantial effort to clean up the mess Morgan and Pollara have made of this weak effort. It’s not as if marijuana is hard to obtain and, until there is real change, I have no interest in supporting a half measure.

    It will be interesting to see if the carpetbagger Adelson spends the same amount- or even close to it- opposing the new Amendment 2. If he doesn’t, then my questions concerning the changes have been answered.
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